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Connector: Data updates

Enrich your CRM records with selected data points and keep CRM data up to date with automatic or manual data updates

Data updates allow you to enrich your CRM data with new data points from Vainu and keep them up to date. Vainu updates only those companies that are matched with Vainu’s database.

Before activating your CRM data updates, please make sure you’ve selected the appropriate settings in the Data mapping section. The preferences you have set up in the data mapping will be the default settings for your data updates. However, you can also choose different data mapping settings for your data updates and exports by clicking the Select fields to update button in the Data updates section. 

💡 For example, it may be that you want to set up automatic data updates for your current CRM records only for carefully selected data fields like revenue and business ID, but you want to get as many CRM records updated or enriched when exporting new companies to your CRM.

In Vainu’s integration settings, you can find the following three Data update -related functions:

>> Data mapping for data updates, Automatic updates, and One-time update.


Data Updates 1

Mapping for Data updates

Select which company export fields you would like to get updated and how. By clicking Select fields to update, you can choose if you want to overwrite existing CRM records with Vainu’s data always or only if the data field in your CRM is empty or has been previously updated by Vainu.

You can add more new fields from the data mapping settings


Data Updates 3

Automatic update

The Automatic update allows you to choose whether or not the company data fields in your CRM will automatically be updated with Vainu data according to settings made in the Data updates section. Automatic update will find a match for a company already in your CRM and enriches the company cards with official data found on Vainu: overwrite all selected fields or only updates those which are empty or previously updated by Vainu according to which options you have setup.

Vainu is also continuously monitoring new companies in your CRM. A newly detected company will be updated if it is successfully matched. Automatic update checks data every hour and updates the new data to your CRM. The match is found by using the company name, business ID, auxiliary name, or other data. Vainu enriches the data points selected in the Data updates section.

    One-time update/manual update

    By clicking the Update now button, you can immediately enrich the information about companies in your CRM. It updates the same fields as the Automatic update. If you have mapped new data fields in the Data mapping section, you can push the new data fields to your CRM by using the One-time update. This is useful when you want to add a new data field to your CRM or after changing your data updates settings.

    Revert data updates 🔙

    In case you are planning to revert the data back to how it was before you turned on automatic updates, please ask your sales contact for help or chat with our support team.

    Credit Dashboard

    Vainu App introduces a new way of monitoring your data usage with the Credit Dashboard tool. This is an upcoming feature. Read more about it here: Vainu Credit Dashboard


    Should you have any questions or concerns, please chat with us or email support@vainu.io.