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CRM data

Use CRM data in sales prospecting to exclude organizations already in your CRM and find new sales opportunities.

CRM filters help you streamline your sales process. You can

  • exclude the organization already in your CRM from your target groups
  • stay on top of how your existing customers are doing and
  • find new sales opportunities.

You can use the CRM filters by connecting the following CRM systems with Vainu:

MS Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, SuperOffice, and Upsales.

How to get started

1. Start by >> connecting your CRM system with Vainu and importing companies from your CRM to Vainu. 

Näyttökuva 2021-9-20 kello 11.11.12

  2. Create a new dynamic list by clicking the list icon from the left panel.

  3. Create a new list by clicking the + New List button.

Dynamic list

  4. Click the plus (+) icon to add new filters to your list.

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   5. Choose the option CRM data under filter categories.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 9.07.05

   6. After choosing the CRM data category, you will see all the possible filters that you can use for filtering companies with the information found in the CRM.

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How you can use the CRM data filters

Mix the CRM filters with other filters in Vainu, and find new sales opportunities. You don't have to prospect through cases already handled by others or those already closed. Maybe the deals you've previously lost now have new doors open but are only collecting cobwebs in the dusty corners of your CRM! You can filter companies according to:

System: Find companies that are already in your CRM. Include or exclude these companies in your search. Read more about excluding companies from your search: How to do AND, OR & NOT searches & How to remove companies from your search.

Owner’s email: Find companies in your CRM owned by a specific person. This filter uses the account owner field found in your CRM. 

Latest activity: Find companies that have the latest activity set between, before, or after your selected timeframe.

Lost deals (count): Find companies based on how many lost deals are marked on the account.

Open deals (count): Find companies based on how many open deals are marked on the account.

Won deals (count): Find companies based on how many won deals are marked on the account.

Tips & Tricks 💡

Here are some examples of making the most out of Vainu's CRM filters.

1. System

Focus only on new cases. Exclude all the companies that are already in your CRM from your search with the System filter. Work smarter, not harder.

Focus on new cases-1

2. Latest activity

Know which companies you should reach out to right now. You've got many cases open, but not sure when was the last time you had any activity regarding the case? Filter Open deals–closed ones for upsell opportunities–with the latest activity already a while ago. Check whether there're any events in these companies that may give you a relevant reason to be in contact with them again. Key person changes, perhaps?

Forgotten cases that have potential

3. Open deals

Sort your cases based on their potential. Time is money, and you want to make sure you're focusing your time and efforts on your best cases. Select Open deals and sort them based on your most important ICP criteria, e.g., number of employees, turnover, industry, technologies, specific event–whatever those criteria may be. Which companies are financially in good shape? Are there any changes in the top management? Have they launched new products or received funding?

These are just examples, and we encourage you to use your imagination.

Companies in strong financial position

4. Lost deals 

Reopen the deals you've previously lost. You can filter all your lost cases by choosing the Lost deals filter. Maybe last time, the timing wasn't on your side. Perhaps your offering now better fits a company's needs? Has some of your target accounts grown a lot, or maybe implemented a technology with which the system you're offering integrates?

Cases lost but growing

5. Open deals / Closed deals + Triggers – Strike when the iron's hot! 

(A) Follow your existing client base for upsell opportunities. To see all your current customers, filter Won deals. Add the Owner's email filter if you only want to follow only your named accounts.

(B) Follow your open cases to find the right timing for your outreach. Filter a list based on the Open deals + Owner's email filter.

Stay on top of any significant changes in your target accounts, such as expansions, key hires, investments, and more. Get triggers by email or directly in your CRM. 

My cases


Set trigger to open cases

In any questions, please get in touch with us through the chat in the bottom right corner or by sending an email to support@vainu.io.