Set up the connection with Lime (Legacy)

Connect Vainu with your CRM with the help of the Lime team.

Vainu integrates to Lime CRM on-premise and Idenet solutions. Integrations are implemented as a custom solution by the Lime CRM service team.


The  development of this feature has been discontinued, if you want to read more about Vainu's current integrations go here:

If you're interested in bringing efficiency to your sales process by connecting Vainu with your Lime CRM, contact the Lime CRM service team or your company's Lime CRM contact person to discuss whether your company's Lime CRM solution can be integrated with Vainu.

Before setting up the connection, here's what you need for getting the integration up and running:

  • Lime integration is included in your Vainu license.
  • Lime CRM on-premise and Idenet solutions.

The integration is done in 2 simple steps:

  1. The Lime CRM Service team creates the initial connection and full import to Vainu

  2. Click on the Settings icon on the left panel and open Integrations.

  3. Click Connect Lime CRM. Enter your Lime address and Lime API key provided by the Lime Service team and press Save.

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Your connection is now established and you're ready to filter companies based on your CRM data.

➡️ Export companies from Vainu to Lime CRM

If you wish to only export companies from Vainu to your Lime CRM Solution, the normal Lime CRM Integration is required. Following the two steps above will allow you to take companies from Vainu to Lime.

⬅️ Importing companies from Lime CRM to Vainu

To perform a full import, matching companies in your Lime CRM Solution to companies in Vainu requires a Vainu API key which will allow Lime CRM integration to match companies between Lime and Vainu. This will allow you to filter companies based data found in your CRM and include or exclude companies in your CRM in searches: 

1. Vainu API needs an additional permission on your Vainu account which can be activated by your account manager or by Vainu Support.

2. When you have Vainu API permission enabled you can access the API key generation menu through your Vainu settings ➡️

3. Create an API key and provide it to your Lime contact person for the integration.

When you export a company to your CRM it creates a Company profile with default information from Vainu. You can always see which companies are imported from Vainu by using Imported from Vainu property. 🔍

>> Learn how you can find companies based on your CRM data.

In any questions, we're happy to help you out in the chat!