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Vainu Credit Dashboard (Upcoming feature)

Vainu App introduces a new way of monitoring your data usage with Credit Dashboard tool.

This feature is an upcoming feature, not yet accessible in Vainu App platform. Some changes may occur.

As a Vainu Admin user you have a possibility to monitor  your organizations Credit usage in the new Credit Dashboard page. You can find this in Vainu settings.

Usage page shows the credit limit agreed on Vainu agreement. In the agreement there is a usage Tier for Matched companies and Downloaded companies, these figures are monitored separately.

Note! Vainu does not restrict downloads/matched companies which exceed the Tier limit, but will send a notification to the Vainu Admin user about approaching the credit Tier. Vainu will charge any extra usage based on the additional pricing model mentioned in the Vainu contract. Contact Customer Success manager to update the agreement if the Tier is too small for the organizations use.

Matched companies section shows the Tier agreed for the matched companies on the Vainu agreement as well as the amount of CRM Accounts currently matched with Vainu. The amount of Matched companies updates in real-time to be able to easily view current changes in the CRM.

Matched company = An Account in CRM system which Vainu has successfully found a matching counterpart in the Vainu database included in Vainu contract. Customer will not be charged for companies that Vainu can identify but do not belong to a database outside of the current Vainu agreement.


Downloaded Companies

In Downloaded companies view Vainu displays the total amount of companies exported from Vainu to a .csv file. The total amount of downloaded companies is a combination of  all exports by all users inside your organization in Vainu. Download Tier is determined on Vainu agreement and is valid per agreement period.

Download History

Download History shows all exported files in a list. Here you will be able to see the name of the list, amount of companies exported, File name, the email address of the Vainu user who downloaded the file and time, when the file was downloaded. It is also possible to redownload the file using the Download icon on the right side.