Add Companies to Prospect Lists

Create lists of companies in Vainu (e.g. your existing clients, competitors, most-wanted list, contacted companies or calling lists).

By using Prospect Lists, you can:

  • Follow interesting changes in your lists of companies.
  • Earmark interesting companies and add them to, e.g., your calling lists.

How to add companies to prospect lists?

There are two alternatives for adding and deleting companies in your lists:

1. From company profile 🏢

2. From search results 🔍

1. From company profile 🏢

Find a specific company by using the top search bar or pick it in from search results. Add a single company to a selected static list by clicking on the Add to list icon on company profile. 

Näyttökuva 2019-12-2 kello 15.20.29


Note! You will only see static lists in this view. If you haven't created a prospect list yet, click on "Create a new list" to create a completely new list. 


Näyttökuva 2019-12-2 kello 15.21.16

2. From search results 🔍

  • Select all the companies on the page or
  • Select companies one by one by clicking the checkmark icon ✔️
  • Add or remove from a list that already exists or Add to a whole new prospect list.


Click Add to list icon to add the company to your selected static list. If you haven't created a prospect list yet click on "Create a new list" to create a completely new list. 💪

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