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Automate Your Processes with Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect Vainu with 1000+ apps to automate your work and increase productivity.

Integrating Vainu with Zapier enables you to build processes that fit your way of doing things - not the other way around. You can focus your time on the most important things by automating manual tasks. Zapier enables information flow between Vainu and other applications you are actively using.

What is Zapier?  

With Zapier, you can integrate Vainu with various other platforms and automate different workflows. Zapier combines Triggers (like New Lead) and Actions (like Add Company to Portfolio) to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos – called Zaps – complete your tasks automatically. Watch this video to find out more:

How does Zapier work? 

The idea is simple. You must first choose the Trigger (e.g., a new lead in Vainu) and the Action that Zapier performs whenever a Trigger is fired (e.g., a buying signal is exported to Google docs spreadsheet). Even though you most likely will feel like a superhero after creating your first Zap, setting the workflow is simple, and you can do that with only a few clicks in Zapier.

Zapier supports the following Vainu Triggers, Searches, and Actions:

  • Trigger - New Lead in Vainu: Triggers when a new buying signal appears in a prospect list of your choice.
  • Action - Add to Target group: Adds a given company to a selected static prospect list if the company is found from the Vainu's database.
  • Search - Find Company: Finds a company from Vainu with a given parameter. You can use this data to enrich CRM data, for example.
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How to Get Started with Zapier?

Make sure you have first connected your Vainu account in Zapier. Note that to be able to utilize Zapier with Vainu, you need access to Vainu's API. To request access to Vainu's API, contact our support team via our chat in Vainu or by emailing at support@vainu.io!

Click to connect your Vainu.io account in Zapier:

1. Connect a New Account 

2. Type in your Vainu login credentials, i.e., username and password.

3. Click Continue and you are good to go if your login details were correct! You can use Vainu as a trigger or action application in any of your Zaps. 

Popular Use Cases 

Below you see some of the most common use cases for Zapier to give you an idea of  what this integration enables. You can find a detailed description of each use case in Zapier's home site.

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Here are instructions to Vainu's most popular Zapier workflow:


We are happy to help you out in the chat or y email at support@vainu.io!