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Connector: Company matching

Ensure the companies in your CRM are matched with Vainu to use your CRM data in sales prospecting and to keep your CRM records fresh and reliable.

Under your Integrations settings, you can match your CRM data with Vainu's company database in the Company matching section. Matching allows you to get the most out of your CRM data:

Vainu matches companies by identifying certain data points like company name, business id, and address. Company matching does not make any changes to your CRM.

Unlike our other Connectors, The HubSpot CRM Connector for Vainu Global uses the company domain name as the unique key to match companies between Vainu and HubSpot CRM.

💡Company matching allows you to update the incorrect or outdated data in your CRM with real-time company data and enrich your CRM records with additional data points. The more matched companies from your CRM to Vainu, the more reliable your CRM will become through Data mapping and Data updates

* [Not included in Vainu Global]


Start the company matching workflow to match the companies in your CRM with Vainu. You can do other tasks in the meantime, and the process will run in the background. When the matching process is ready, you will see the Results page. 👇


  • Ready for Vainu shows the number of successfully matched companies with your active Vainu databases.
  • Need an upgrade shows the number of companies that we could match but belong to countries that are not included in your subscription. To upgrade your country databases, contact your Vainu Account Manager.
  • Need help shows the number of companies we were not able to match.
  • Not supported shows companies from countries Vainu does not support at the moment.

Need help – Manual matching

There can be a few reasons why Vainu has not recognized the companies in your CRM:

  • If the company doesn't have the company name or Business ID in the CRM.
  • If there isn't enough data about the company.
  • If Vainu has multiple companies with the same name and it's not clear which company it is.

The accuracy of the company matching can be improved by updating Business IDs and other data to companies in the CRM. This can be done manually one by one or with the help of Vainu's Enrich tool. Please contact your Vainu contact person or our support team via chat or email support@vainu.io. 


If you want to match the companies in the Need help -section, click the box. Manual matching is done by clicking the empty field on the right side of the unmatched company.  By clicking the field, you can see a search bar and some suggestions of companies having a similar name in Vainu. Search and select the correct company. Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the screen when you are done. Clicking the name of the company takes you to your CRM company card.


Restart company matching at any time

You may need to restart the company matching process in the following situations:

  • If your initial matching results were poor and you've filled the gaps in your CRM data, e.g., updated the Business IDs (or domain names in Vainu Global) for better matching.
  • If you have previously disabled the automatic company matching workflow in Vainu, you now want to enrich the companies in your CRM with up-to-date company data.

You can restart the company matching workflow in the Advanced settings by clicking the Restart button.👇

Sync company data

By enabling the Sync company data functionality, Vainu will actively fetch information on the accounts in your CRM, allowing you to use your CRM data in sales prospecting. This way, you can cut down manual work, making your sales process more effective.

 👉Read more about how to build company lists in Vainu with the help of the CRM data filters.

Credit Dashboard

Vainu App introduces a new way of monitoring your data usage with the Credit Dashboard tool. This is an upcoming feature. Read more about it here: Vainu Credit Dashboard


Should you have any questions or concerns about Vainu or matching companies, please chat with us or email support@vainu.io.