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Connectors Vainu Integration Overview

Connectors allows you to integrate your CRM system with Vainu to access relevant and actionable information on millions of companies.

Vainu's Connector is great for saving your time on more important matters. By connecting your CRM with Vainu, you can keep your CRM data reliable, save time in the sales process by using your CRM data in sales prospecting, and most importantly, fuel your sales pipeline with relevant prospects – even automate sales prospecting. 

Vainu's Connector is available for Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365 CRM systems.

Vainu Credit Dashboard

Vainu App introduces a new way of monitoring your data usage with the Credit Dashboard tool. 

As a Vainu Admin user, you have the possibility to monitor your organization's Credit usage on the new Credit Dashboard page. You can find this in Vainu settings.

The Usage page shows the credit limit agreed on in the Vainu agreement. In the agreement there is a usage Tier for Matched companies and Downloaded companies, these figures are monitored separately.

How can Connectors help you?

Find companies based on CRM data

Use your CRM data in sales prospecting and make the sales process effective by cutting down manual work.*

Export companies and target segments to your CRM

Export a list of up to a thousand (10 000) companies with Vainu mass export article
Works with Business ID Connectors: Hubspot, Salesforce, Dynamics, Pipedrive, and with Hubspot Domain Connector.

Keep your CRM data up to date

Map Vainu data to CRM data points and keep your system updated.

Trigger sales opportunities

Automate prospecting by automatically exporting new companies matching your ideal customer profile to your CRM automatically or triggering CRM tasks based on relevant changes in your target accounts, such as changes in key positions or new construction projects, to never miss a sales opportunity again.*

*[Not included in Vainu Global]

Connectors consist of three key modules:

Company matching
Data mapping
Data updates

How can you get started?

Are you an admin user for your organization's Vainu account and your CRM? In that case, you can start by >> setting up the connection between Vainu and your CRM! ⚙️

Not an admin user, but the initial setup is done? Scroll down to the part >> Connect your CRM account in this article.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please chat with us or email support@vainu.io.