Create & Edit Alerts

Make sure you never miss an important buying signal! Alerts help you focus your valuable time on the most potential cases.

You can create alerts directly from your list or by selecting the Alerts icon from the left panel. ⏱️Alerts are always based on signals. Learn more about buying signals here and watch a short video on how to set up Alerts. 


Create an Alert 🚨

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Find your Alerts by clicking the Alerts icon on the panel on the left.

On Alerts page you can create new alerts, edit them and remove unnecessary ones.

On the top of the screen you will see your active alerts. Using the icons on the right side you are able to resend , preview, edit and remove alerts.

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Next to active alerts you will see a section where you can easily and quickly activate alerts based on the signals already set for your lists. Select Set alerts and add edit selected signals.



If you don’t have a list ready yet, follow steps below.

1. Create a list with search filters to find interesting companies or import a list of companies if you wish to follow, for instance, your current customers.

2. Narrow down your prospect list by choosing the appropriate filters. ➡️ Click Save changes and name it ➡️click Alerts (0)  ➡️ click Notify when companies change to be alerted of all added/removed companies in the list. 

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3. Click Set alerts to choose The Signals you want to follow (if you haven't chosen already):


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  • Keywords: Type keywords to narrow the results.
  • Alert Type: Receive notifications either through E-mail, Slack or Webhook.
  • Name for the alert: Add a name for your alert.
  • Frequency: Select frequency. You will receive information hourly, daily or weekly. If you don't want to get an email alert, but want to view your alerts in Vainu instead, choose 'No notifications'.
  • Receiver: Add email addresses to send alerts to selected people. Click enter to activate an email address.
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Save the Alert.


💡 Top tips:


❗️ You can see all of the signals by clicking on the link at the end of the email alert. The email itself only includes a maximum of 7 events.

💬 Start reading the alerts you've created. Selecting the right signals to follow is the key of getting good alerts, but we are more than happy to help you in the chat if you need help with configuring the right Alerts settings.

If you are interested in getting notifications when new companies match your search criteria you should check Notifications. Learn more about notifications here.