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Create workflows with Vainu's native integration

Discover how to streamline your sales prospecting with Vainu's native integrations

At the moment, Vainu integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Dynamics, HubSpot, SuperOffice, Upsales and Lime CRMs. Watch this short video and learn what our integrations are all about!

Key benefits of using the native Vainu integration:

  • Your current customers are always up-to-date in Vainu without updating company lists manually.
  • Faster and smoother sales prospecting: you can focus on finding new companies and exclude cases already taken care of by your colleagues.
  • New sales opportunities: you can follow lost, open and won deals easily.
  • Up-to-date data from Vainu to your CRM.

By mixing the CRM filters with other filters in Vainu, you'll get the most amazing combinations to find new sales opportunities. You can filter companies according to the owner's email, latest activity, and count of open / lost / won deals in CRM, and you don't have to prospect through cases already handled by others, or those already closed.

Not to mention the previously lost deals that might now have new doors open, but are only collecting cobwebs in the dusty corners of your CRM! 

Tips & Tricks 🙌🏻

Here are some examples of how you can make the most out of Vainu's native integration.

I) Current customers 

To see all your current customers just filter won deals. This is also very handy when finding new prospects - just exclude all won deals from your search! 

If you want to follow interesting changes in your current customers, filter won deals and subscribe to email reports. You may want to add "owner's email" filter if you only want to follow your own customers. 


Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 15.17.40


II) Latest activity

Cleaning up your CRM up to date can be time-consuming and you don't know where to start 🙄 You also might remember randomly a case here and there but you're not sure when was the last time you had any activity regarding the case. Here's a solution: just choose the time period for the latest activity regarding the deal. You might also want to check whether there has been any interesting changes related to these companies - for instance changes in the top management.


III) Open deals

This is awesome:  spot all your open cases by adding open deals (count) filter. After this, you can put the cases in order based on the company's turnover etc. You can filter the cases based on other criteria as well:

  • Which companies are financially in a good shape? 
  • Are there any changes in the top management or within the key decision makers?
  • Have they launched some new products or received funding? 

These are just examples and we encourage you to use your imagination. Time is money and you want to make sure you're focusing your time and efforts to your best cases!

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 10.33.31


IV) Lost deals 

You can filter all your lost cases in Vainu by choosing the lost deals filter. Sometimes in these cases as well it might be beneficial to check out whether there has been interesting changes related to these companies.

Other integration options

When you want to boost your sales and streamline your activities between your CRM and Vainu, it's super easy with Vainu's native integration.

To get more information of Vainu's integration possibilities, please send us a message via Vainu chat or email us at support@vainu.io.

What's next? 

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