CRM Integration error messages & other common issues

Here you can find different CRM error messages and answers for Hubspot, Lime CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Upsales, Superoffice and Dynamics.

If you need to change what fields or data is taken to your CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics) please check this article on how to edit export fields.

Pipedrive error codes & solutions:


  • Sorry, but we could not update your billing details. Please try again and if the error persists contact support

There are issues with your Pipedrive license billing. Please contact Pipedrive support or update your billing details in


  • {u'errorCode': 500, u'success': False} Status code: 500

This error code is related to problems in Pipedrive's end. Check Pipedrive status from


  • Connection was not successful. Try refreshing the page. If the problem persists, re-authorize by disconnecting and connecting again.Renew or change Pipedrive-account connection by filling the form.

Please follow the steps below in order to solve the issue.
1. Refresh your Vainu page by logging out and back in, check if Pipedrive still gives the same error
2. Disconnect Pipedrive integration and reconnect it. Check if error still remains.
3. Check that your Pipedrive trial has not expired and/or that your payment details are entered in to Pipedrive. Pipedrive won't allow the connection to be made if no payment details in Pipedrive.
4. If all the steps above fail, please contact Vainu Support by emailing or from the chat icon on the bottom right corner.


  • Failed to create fields to Pipedrive. Check permissions.

Please check that you have all the required permissions on Pipedrive's end, the user should have at least the following permissions: "Use API", "Add products", "Edit products", "Import items". You need Admin rights in Pipedrive to check user permissions.

Make sure that all the fields are editable and are not in any read-only state.

The important permission is the "Use API" which is needed for the integration to Vainu to work.

Click here to check how to edit permissions in Pipedrive.

If the steps above don't solve your issue, please check that all the users are trying to connect to the same Pipedrive. Vainu Pipedrive integration can only be connected to one Pipedrive organization. If your organization uses different Pipedrive's for different countries, then connecting both of them to the same organization in Vainu is not possible. To solve this problem you should have Vainu account for each country/Pipedrive team that is using their own Pipedrive, to enable these changes please contact your account manager or our support team from the chat icon on the bottom right corner.


  • CSRF Failed: CSRF token missing or incorrect

There are problems authenticating your Pipedrive connection. Please do the following steps:

1. Disconnect your Pipedrive connection.

2. Delete your browser cache.

3. Reconnect your Pipedrive.

4. If the problem persist please try to log out and log in.


  • Selected pipeline doesn't have any Stages in Pipedrive! Please check your Pipedrive options from

Please do the following steps:

1. Check that the correct Pipeline is selected in Vainu integration settings and that it has stages in your Pipedrive.

2. Clear browser cache: CTRL + F5 / CTRL+ shift + F5 (on Windows) OR command + shift + R (on Mac). 

3. Log out via this link, and then log in again

If this doesn't solve the issue please disconnect and connect Pipedrive again. If the issue still persists please contact us in the support chat or by email


  • Pipedrive Status Code errors

401 Unauthorized: Invalid API Token in Pipedrive

403 Forbidden: Request not allowed

415 Unsupported Media Type: Feature is not enabled on Pipedrive's end.

422 Unprocessed Entity: Pipedrive webhooks limit reached

429 Too Many Requests: Your Pipedrive API rate limit has been exceeded

503 Service Unavailable: Maintenance in Pipedrive's end, please check


  • Something went wrong while exporting

There is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email


HubSpot error codes & solutions:

  • Error while exporting prospect

Please check the error message text. Example issues:

- Invalid deal stage id, please select a correct deal stage in the HubSpot export settings in the settings menu or if you don't want Vainu to create a deal in your HubSpot deselect the blue checkmark from "Deal" on the left side.

- Error while exporting prospect - 'validationResults'

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 9.39.38

Field(s) in your HubSpot have custom rules that prevent Vainu from adding data to these fields. Please check the error message in question which fields are not valid and what information to add to the correct field. 

If the field is a dropdown field please check the error message for the correct field value. If you wish to example add prospect to value "Lead" check what is the value of the "Lead" field. This is usually a lowercase version of the text "lead". Using "Custom Text" option in the export settings will allow you to add data to dropdown fields in your CRM.

  • Request for Integration Permissions, Couldn't complete the connection, you don't have permission to connect this integration.

Please check that your account has all the correct permissions mentioned in our article how to connect HubSpot to Vainu. Make sure you are assigned to Team and you have access to HubSpot Sales, How to create & Edit Teams in HubSpot. There is a known issue in HubSpot that sometimes it won't allow other users to connect Vainu to HubSpot unless the users have admin or Super admin rights in HubSpot. You can remove the Super admin rights after the users have made the connection.


  • PROPERTY DOESNT EXIST - imported_from_vainu, link_to_vainu or other fields

Vainu is unable to create "imported_from_vainu" field to your HubSpot. Please check that all permissions are correct on your HubSpot account.

Please add Superadmin rights to a one HubSpot user, disconnect the HubSpot connection and reconnect it again after adding Superadmin rights to a user and then do at least one export from Vainu to HubsSpot with the user who has the Superadmin rights. With Superadmin rights it should be possible to create the missing field into HubSpot.

If the steps above didn't solve this problem please manually create a new field to HubSpot accounts with the name that is causing the error message and try exporting companies again from Vainu to HubSpot.

If the issue persists, please contact us in the chat or email us at


    • 429 Too many requests

     Returned when your portal or app is over the API rate limits. Please see this document for details on those rate limits and suggestions for working within those limits.


    • Something went wrong while exporting

    There is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email


    Salesforce error codes & solutions:

    • Error creating resource Account. <Field in your CRM> <Error message>

    Field in your Salesforce doesn't accept the mentioned field or the data you are trying to export to it using Vainu. Please check the error message for more details, the error message is provided by the Salesforce API automatically. The issue can be fixed by changing your export settings in Vainu, please check this article for more details of editing your CRM export settings: Vainu CRM Export Settings

    • Error creating resource Account. CompanyID should be a numeric value.

    The business ID field in your Salesforce needs to be numeric value. Please change the "Business ID type" field in Export settings.


    • Error creating resource Lead. Please select your country.

    Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 10.28.13

    When creating a Lead to your Salesforce CRM the field "Country" is missing data in the export settings. 

    How to solve this issue?

    If possible remove the restriction that country is needed for Leads in Salesforce. If this is not possible check the steps below.


    1. Go to Vainu and navigate to Salesforce export settings.

    2. Check the export settings for exporting Leads and add a new export field.

    3. Select a country field from Vainu's end in the Account section.

    4. Select country field from Salesforce's end in the Lead section.

    5. Save your export settings and test exporting a lead to Salesforce.


    If the steps above did not solve your issue please check the following steps


    1. Users that have this issue need to go to their personal settings in Salesforce.

    2. Find a field called "Country" and set it up as the correct country for them. Here is Salesforce article about user personal field management

    3. After the correct Country information has been set the export should work.


    • Error creating resource Lead. Required fields are missing (example) [LastName]

    This error is received if your current export settings are missing the field LastName or you are currently not exporting contacts out of Vainu.


    This error happens if your current export settings contains Lead export options, but when exporting companies in Vainu you are not exporting the company through the company employees section. When exporting to Salesforce as a Lead contact is always required. Exporting contacts on the employees page is possible when you hover over a contact the export options will appear.
    Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 11.04.52

    • Problem authenticating with Salesforce. If the problem persists, try disconnecting Salesforce in Vainu settings then reconnecting.

    Please disconnect and reconnect your Salesforce connection. If this problem persists please check that your Salesforce account has access to Salesforce REST API which is needed for the integration to work.

    Salesforce REST API Documentation


    • Salesforce login error IP Restricted (in the website url): error=Authentication process canceled: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"ip restricted"}

    Your Salesforce has IP restriction active which block Vainu from accessing the data in Salesforce. You can change this by editing the IP restriction settings in Salesforce, if this error happens please contact our support so we can provide the IP addresses to be included in the IP whitelist. You can contact support from the chat in bottom right corner or by emailing


    • Salesforce login error (in the website url): ?error=This%20salesforce-oauth2%20account%20is%20already%20in%20use.

    Your Salesforce account is already in use on another Vainu user. Salesforce restrictions allow only one Salesforce account to connect Vainu to Salesforce. To solve the issue log out from the other account or use another Salesforce account to create the connection.


    • Error creating a lead. Following fields are needed: (field names)

    There are mandatory fields set up in your Salesforce that are required when exporting a lead. Please add those fields to the export settings or change what are the mandatory fields in your Salesforce.

    • TotalRequests Limit exceeded

    Your Salesforce REST API has exceeded its maximum request limit. You either have to wait until you can do more API requests or purchase more licenses to raise the MAX limit if you expect the usage to always be higher that what your current MAX is.

    Salesforce REST API Documentation


    • Error: Invalid Data. 
      Review all error messages below to correct your data.
      'bad value for restricted pick list field: PicklistValue' 

    You may receive the error above when trying to create a new record in Salesforce if you are inputting data to a pick list or record type field. Please follow the Salesforce guide when trying to resolve the issue.


    • Connection not successful. Problem authenticating with Salesforce Sandbox

    Please try to disconnect and reconnect Salesforce Sandbox. This might require 1-3 tries. If the problem still persists after 1-3 reconnection tries please contact us in chat or by emailing


    • Error creating resource Account. There is a problem with this country even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries:

    Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 8.12.05

    Vainu export settings are unable to transfer data to the field mentioned in the error message. You will see which field is causing the issue by checking the example image above, the field which i causing the problem will be mentioned at the end of the message which in this example is "Billing Country". This happens when Vainu is trying to take country name to a pick list/dropdown menu in Salesforce and the data from Vainu is not matching the dropdown options.

    How to fix the issue?

    If the field is not necessary you can remove this field from your export settings. Unless the field is mandatory in your Salesforce this will fix the problem. If you wish to include this data to your Salesforce please check the steps below on how to solve the issue.

    1. Go to Salesforce and check how the country names as spelled in your CRM. Remember that Vainu needs the value of the dropdown/pick list field. Here is Salesforce article how to check pick list values:

    2. Go to Vainu and Salesforce Export Settings. Remove the export setting for the field reported in the problem.

    3. Add a new row to the export settings. From the left side options (Contact/Account/Signal/Custom Text) in the export settings (Vainu's end) select the option "Custom Text". 

    4. To the empty box next to the custom write the exact country value mentioned in your Salesforce. 

    5. From the right side settings choose the field that was giving the error message.

    6. Save your export settings and try to export a company to your Salesforce.


    NOTE! If you are using multiple databases in Vainu you will need to create custom export settings for each country as the custom text field will always be the same. If the custom text field says "Sweden" and you try to export a company from Finland, then the custom text option will remain as "Sweden". Create export settings for each Vainu country you are using if this is needed.


    • Error creating resource Account. Unable to create/update fields: Name. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set.

    Fields stated in the error message are locked for you or the whole account in Salesforce. Please check the read/write permissions on the mentioned field(s).

    Read more about field permission in Salesforce


    • Something went wrong while exporting

    There is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email


    • Missing Required Field
    • Failed to create a resource

    Check the error message which fields are causing a problem. Please check that all required fields are set in your export settings. When exporting a lead remember that Salesforce requires Surname as a mandatory field.


    • Connection not successful. The REST API is not enabled for this Organization.

    Please check that you have REST API enabled on your Salesforce account, 3rd party guide on checking if REST API is enabled.

    Salesforce REST API Documentation


    • Internal Server Error

    Please check the error message and Salesforce status from


    Upsales error codes & solutions:


    • Something went wrong while exporting

    First check that you have all the options selected in your Upsales integration settings. If the Upsales Account Manager field is empty in your settings exporting companies will not work. Select the correct Account Manager from the field and the export will work.

    Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 12.29.23

    • Can't find API key, where to generate API key for Upsales Integration

    You need Administrator access to generate an API Key. Please check the following article by Upsales about generating an API key: Upsales Generate API Key


    If the solution above doesn't solve the issue then there is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email



    SuperOffice error codes & solutions:

    • Something went wrong while exporting

    1. Check that you have all fields set up in the SuperOffice settings. This error message will appear if "Create Sale on export when" or "Contact person source" are not set.

    Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 14.06.35

    2. There is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email

    Dynamics error codes & solutions:

    • CSRF Failed: CSRF token missing or incorrect

    There are problems authenticating your Dynamics connection. Please do the following steps:

    1. Disconnect your Dynamics connection.

    2. Delete your browser cache.

    3. Reconnect your Dynamics.

    4. If the problem persists please try to log out and log in and repeat the steps above once more.

    5. If the problem still persists please contact support by emailing us at or by clicking the chat icon on bottom right corner.


    • Dynamics 365 Connection was not successful. Timeout when getting data

    Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 8.42.06

    There are a few quick troubleshooting methods that can be tried initially.


    1. Try to reconnect your Dynamics 365 integration. Authentication to Dynamics has timed out and requires re-authentication for the connection to work.


    2. Check that your Dynamics user has proper Security Role permissions in Dynamics 365. User needs to be able to fetch and edit data on all Account, Contact, Lead fields. You can check this Microsoft article on how to edit user permissions

    3. Clear internet browsing cache in your web browser you use. Vainu only supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Please ensure that you are using one of these three mentioned browsers. After the cache has been cleared please try to reconnect your Dynamics integration.


    4. If it isn’t resolved by these initial steps, one thing you can do is check to ensure you are logged in to the correct Dynamics account.

    5. If all the steps above did not solve your issues, please contact Vainu Support.


    • Something went wrong while exporting

    There is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email

    Other errors & solutions:

    • Something went wrong while exporting

    There is an error in our code, please contact us through the chat or by email

    • My export fields are in orange

    Export fields that have types that are incompatible with the selected Vainu field are in orange. This is a guideline only. Some fields marked in orange may be compatible and some not in orange may not be compatible depending on the field validation in your CRM.

    • Autosync hasn't updated in couple days

    Please do a full import in the integration settings and if the issue persist please contact us in the chat or by email

    • Incorrect Owner on exported Accounts or number of accounts (companies) under your ownership is too low or too high.

    Please do a full import in the integration settings, this will update the owner details on the CRM data section and if the issue persists please contact us in the chat or by email

    • I can't see my integration option in the integration settings menu.

    Integrations can be purchased as an additional features in Vainu. If you have purchased an CRM Integration feature and it's not visible for you in the settings menu please contact us in the chat or by email

    • A field is missing in import or export settings

    If a field is missing in import or export settings please check that the field isn't locked or read-only as every user needs to have a permission to edit the field. When the field is editable it should appear in the settings.

    • I can't find companies after full import

    Companies imported from your CRM can be found by using CRM - System filter. If the filter brings zero results please clear your cache. Companies imported from your CRM are stored in the browser cache so removing it will make Vainu fetch the latest data.

    How to remove browser cache

    If you still can't see any companies after an import check that your full import settings are correct. If matching companies by business ID doesn't bring results, please try matching companies by name. If you are using multiple databases please remember to check all countries from the Country filter.