How to create CRM export settings (HubSpot, Dynamics, Salesforce) - Legacy integration

Even though the default settings work perfectly fine, you have the option to modify what information is exported to your CRM.

Note! These instructions are only usable for legacy integration. If you are using the most updated version of Vainu integration read this article.

Connector Data Mapping - export settings

Customize export settings options are only available for Dynamics, HubSpot, and Salesforce integrations. For other integrations, exported data is preselected.

The default export settings provide an easy way for getting started with Vainu's native integration, but it is possible to modify the export settings to match your need. After you have established a connection with integration, you can modify the export settings or even create multiple export settings.

Having different options for exporting the information can be handy if you are e.g. working with a certain campaign, and you want this to be visible when exporting companies from Vainu. The integration should be done by a Vainu Account Admin at your company.

Customizing export settings - Create / edit / remove access in the integration settings

1. Click on the Settings icon on the left side panel

2. Click the “Integrations" tab

3. Choose the integration included in your license and click “Settings” (If you have a “Connect” option, please check our articles on how to connect CRM system before continuing.)

Connect Salesforce, Connect HubSpot, Connect Dynamics



5. Click on the “Customize export settings”. Custom export settings are only available for Hubspot, Dynamics, and Salesforce integrations. If this is not visible you are missing Vainu Account Admin rights.

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 13.48.30


6. Click on the top to create a new export setting. We recommend starting off with the default template, which includes a set of default fields that are common to all native integration users.

7. Click on 'Create from template' if you want to use the ready-made template or "Create new export settings" if you want to start from scratch.

8. Pick which objects you want to create when you export a company from Vainu. You can choose to create an account, contact, opportunity, and lead (export settings might differ between CRM systems, all options are not available for all integrations. If you want to modify when an opportunity is created, you can choose this on Extra settings on the right side.)

Näyttökuva 2019-12-2 kello 15.40.30


To see a list of all fields that can be used in the export settings, please check the list at the end of this article.

9. You can see the fields on Vainu on the left side and the corresponding fields in your CRM on the right.

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 13.49.45

10. It is possible to add new fields to the mapping by clicking on the plus icon at the bottom of the mapping. You can bring 4 types of information

  • Prospect (company information)
  • Contact (information found in the employees' section on company profiles)
  • Signal (information from Vainu signals)
  • Custom text (Static text that you can define yourself e.g. Exported from Vainu)
Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 13.48.45

❗️If you add a new field, you need to choose which information is exported from Vainu and to which field it flows in your selected CRM. You can bring information to any of your fields in your CRM as long as the field is in the correct format (e.g. you can't bring an email address to a field that is meant for a phone number).

11. Once you are happy with the export settings, click on 'save export settings'. If you want this to be your default setting select 'save & set as default'. If you have multiple export settings that you need to use and don’t have a single setting that is always used please deselect the “Always use default export settings” option.

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 13.48.51

❗️ If you want to select between several export settings every time you export a company, remember to deactivate the option of using the default settings. This can be handy when you are e.g. dealing with campaigns.

NOTE! If you notice any issues or problems with the export settings please check our article on common problems with CRMs!

NOTE! Check this article for other commonly asked questions like “how often Vainu checks for new accounts in CRM”


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List of possible export fields

Account section:

company name

Form of company


registration date

business id



visiting address


company names

ISIC industry code

lng / lat


website link


Vainu link

Vehicles Count



staff number

turn over local

development of turnover

equity to assets ratio


Twitter followers count

LinkedIn id


LinkedIn industry

LinkedIn link

Facebook link

Facebook likes

restricted for marketing

youtube link


Twitter link


Signals section (Vainu signals)

Title of the article

content of the article

When added

link to the article

language of the article

Contact section (Employee section on company profiles)

First Name

Last Name