Transactional sales

In transactional sales, where average sales cycle varies from seconds to days, data is the key to success.

For transactional sales teams, who can target almost any existing company in the world, using data analysis to segment prospects into the right order is crucial. In transactional sales, where human factor is limited and closing rate is low, data-driven, analytics-controlled sales process and automated marketing campaigns are essential.

What is Account and Lead Scoring?

Transactional sales teams can benefit from Vainu’s data in Lead Scoring practices. In Lead Scoring, you want to prioritize your most qualified leads and you can do that by attaching values to each of your lead based on their professional information and the behavior they’ve exhibited on your website.

In Lead Scoring, you must decide which factors will increase the likelihood of a prospect to turn into your customer and then these attributes should be weighted more heavily. Vainu is a powerful tool for creating this kind of a value system. To showcase how Vainu's data can support your Lead Scoring practices, let’s use Vainu as an example company:

Our marketing team has built a system, where different attributes either increase or decrease the points each company or lead gets. Company properties enriched with Vainu data in HubSpot are used as factors in Lead Scoring. For us, the factors increasing the score are, for example, certain online technologies the companies are using such as HubSpot, Dynamics or Salesforce since Vainu can be integrated to all these CRMs. We ask, for instance, “which CRM your company is using?” on our landing page forms.

Using either our API or native integration with HubSpot, for example, you’ll have all the tools in place to start building your value system!


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