What kind of lists can be made in Vainu?

FAQ: You can create a dynamic list using Vainu's 100+ filters or add companies manually to a static list.

Which version of Vainu are you using?

Vainu App lists📋

For the Vainu App list names are simplified and you can create a List (+ New List) or a Custom List (Upload a list). 

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The List is built by using Vainu's multiple filters and the list is the search result of the filtering used. The filtering works in real-time, so your List can contain different companies at different times and it is always up to date. In the new Vainu App, the list has an autosave feature, so when you make modifications to filters, they are automatically saved. Your Lists will be shown under "My lists"-section.

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The Custom list is made by adding companies to it, from different lists in Vainu or from uploaded files. If you don't add filters to the Custom list, the list stays the same. The results can be filtered with Vainu's filters, but the source is only the companies added to the Custom List. You can also filter your List with a Custom list either excluding the companies from the List or including them. You can find your Custom lists under "Custom lists"-section.
Read more about creating lists here.

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The old Vainu platform lists


You can build Dynamic lists using Vainu's 100+ filters and static lists by uploading Excel files to Vainu or moving companies to your static lists from your search results based on a Dynamic list. 

Dynamic lists

Dynamic list

Dynamics lists are the primary target groups in Vainu. You will start with all companies available in your chosen country when selecting this option. When using filters, you can narrow down the number of companies until you are happy with the results.

What is the main benefit of dynamic lists? 

➡️ Dynamic lists are always up to date.

  • When you choose filters and save a dynamic list, you'll always have an up-to-date list of companies matching your search criteria.
  • Vainu automatically checks if any changes have happened in the company data and matches these changes to your filters. Example: Want to find companies with over 1M revenue?  Save a dynamic list with appropriate filtering criteria. A company that didn't previously have 1M+ revenue will appear in your search results after it reaches the 1M+ revenue, and Vainu has that information.
  • Dynamic lists are continuously updated. You can use our Triggers feature to let you know every time there's a new company in your target group. Read more about Triggers here.

Static lists

Static list

Static lists are lists of companies that have been manually created and will stay the same. This means that whenever a company is added to a static list, it will not get removed unless you manually remove it. Static lists can be created from Excel or CSV files or manually adding companies from dynamic lists to static lists.

What is the main benefit of static lists? 

➡️ Static lists are the best way to track a specific group of companies you are interested in, e.g.,  your current customers. Static lists allow you to:

  • Quickly build and share prospect lists: This is a great option if you've not connected your CRM with Vainu. When you've found interesting companies (by using a dynamic list), you can add them to a static list (e.g., call list) and upload the list as an Excel file for further processing if needed. 
  • Track a specific group of companies. You can also set Triggers to a static list, e.g., to systematically follow your current client base or a list of top prospects.
  • Exclude a specific group of companies from your searches. For example, you may want to exclude existing customers from your searches when looking for new target companies.
  • Use filters to narrow down your list. For example, you can check which companies in your list (e.g., your existing clients) have certain revenue, use specific web technology, or have had recent changes in key positions.

Excluding lists from your target groups & combining static and dynamic lists

❗️The Include / Exclude lists -filter doesn't apply to dynamic lists as dynamic lists are constantly changing. Only manually made static lists can be excluded from other lists.

Excluding companies from other lists

  • If there are multiple companies you'd like to exclude from your lists, the best way to do this is by adding them to a static list first.
  • Excluding a static list can be done with the Include / Exclude selected lists -filter. Click the selected list to change the colour to red, and the companies on that list are excluded from your search.

Excluding static lists

💡 For more detailed information about how to exclude companies from your search, please visit our article >> Remove and exclude companies from your lists or search results.

Combining static lists

You can combine multiple static lists to form a bigger list of companies. If you have created multiple static lists and wish to see all of these companies in the same list, you can use the Include / Exclude selected lists -filter to combine them. If the same company can be found on both static lists, it will only be shown once.


Combining static lists

If you want to quickly check which static target group a company has been added to, you can see it from the list icon on the small company card: 

Static lists

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Should you have any questions, please contact us through Vainu chat or by sending an email to support@vainu.io