Dynamic and Static lists - What is the difference?

When creating a list (search) in Vainu you can create either an dynamic list or static list. In this article we will be going through what are the main differences between these and what are the benefits of using one or the another.

NOTE! With the new UI "target groups" were changed to prospect lists. Dynamic list is the basic "target group" where you started with Vainu filters and static lists are the "target groups" you have created by uploading Excel files or by moving companies to their own prospect list.

Dynamic lists

Dynamics lists are the basic search in Vainu. When selecting this option you will start with all companies available in your chosen country. When using filters the companies can be narrowed down until you are happy with the results.


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What is the main benefit of dynamic lists?

Dynamic lists are always up to date. When you make a dynamic list, choose filters and save it will always be up to date. Vainu will check if any changes have happened in the company data and match them to your filters. If you wanted to find companies with over 1M revenue and a company that didn’t previously have 1M+ revenue Vainu will check that the company now matches your search filters and show it in your results. Because dynamic lists are always being updated you can utilize our notifications feature that will tell you if a new company has arrived on your list or if a company no longer matches your filters. Read more about notifications here.

Static lists

Static lists are lists of companies that have been manually created and will stay the same, meaning that when a company is added to a static list it will not disappear from it unless you remove it. Static lists can be created from Excel or CSV files or manually transferring companies from dynamic lists to static lists.


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What is the main benefit of static lists?

Static lists are the best way to track companies you are interested in or your current customers. When you have found interesting companies you can move them to a static list or upload an Excel list of companies. After creating a static list you can use filters to narrow it down to find companies that have certain revenue in your static list or are using specific web technology you are looking for. You can also order signals from static list which will only target the companies found in this list as it won’t change automatically like the dynamic lists.

Combining static and dynamic lists. Removing companies with static lists.

NOTE! Dynamic lists can not be removed using the “Include / Exclude lists” filter as dynamic lists are always changing. Only manually made Static lists can be excluded. Using dynamic and static lists together enables you to remove companies from your search results or you can combine multiple static lists together to form a bigger list of companies.

Removing companies

The biggest benefit of static lists is that you can add companies to them and exclude created list from other lists. Excluding a static list can be done with “Include / Exclude selected lists” filter. Click the selected list to change the color to red. This means the companies on that list are excluded from your search. For more detailed information about how to remove companies from your search please visit our article: Remove companies from list

More information about Vainu search logic (AND, OR, NOT) searches: Making AND, OR & NOT searches.

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Combining static lists

If you have created multiple static lists and wish to see all of these companies in the same list you can use the “Include / Exclude selected lists” filter to combine them. If there is same company in both static lists it will only be shown once. 

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If you wish to quickly check in which Static lists the company has been added to you can see it from the list icon on the small company card. 

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