Easy Vainu View set up for Salesforce

This article provides a simple solution to set up Vainu View 360 company info view by using Salesforce Visualforce Pages!

1. Create the Vainu View Visualforce Page πŸ”¨

Go to Lightning tool Setup in order to create Vainu View Action in Visualforce Pages

Search β€œVisualforce Pages” in search bar and open it > Click New > Name Label β€œVainu_View” > Name is autofilled > You can leave description field empty > Check the box Available for Lightning Experience, Experience Builder > In the Visualforce markup-window, delete the pre-filled text and instead insert this:

<apex:page standardController="Account" showHeader="false">

  <apex:iframe src="https://app.vainu.io/embedded/{!account.Business_id__c}?showAll" scrolling="true" height="600"/>


(Remember to change Business_id__c to whatever the API name for your Accounts/Companies Business ID field is in your Salesforce) (Adjust the height according to your needs) > Click save and the Visualforce Page is ready! πŸ‘‡


2. Make the VisualForce Page visible in the Account page

A. Create the Account Tab

By going to Object manager > Click Account > Click Lightning Record Pages > Go to the Account Record Page  >

Next to Lightning Page Detail, click Edit > Click on the UI Activity Tab (where you want the Vainu tab to be placed) > Click Add Tab >

Choose Tab Label Custom and name it "Vainu View" πŸ‘‡

B. Link the Visualforce Page to the UI Activity tab

Click the UI Activity tab you created in the UI view and then drag and drop "Visualforce" from the left sidebar into the Vainu View window

In the Visualforce Page Name dropdown menu choose "Vainu View" which you created earlier >

Adjust height in pixels according to your needs > Click Save

The Vainu View Visualforce Page should now be visible in the UI and ready to be used! Well done! πŸ‘‡

Vainu View with API Key - Enable Vainu View without Vainu credentials

Using Vainu View with the API key lets all of your company employees to see the Vainu data without the need to log in to Vainu and is free of any user limits.

1. Have Vainu View API enabled on your permissions (This needs to be done by a Vainu employee)

2. Create an API key in the Settings menu.

3. Copy the API key to the Vainu View query


We also offer another more advanced way of implementing Vainu View to Salesforce using Apex, check it our hereπŸ‘‡
Vainu View iFrame solution

Should you need more information on our Vainu View solution, chat with us or email at
 support@vainu.io and we're happy to help you out! 😊