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Export to Excel

Export prospect lists from Vainu

With the Export feature, you can export a list of up to 200 companies 📞

You can easily export prospect lists from Vainu. First, you need to save the list you wish to export and then click Send to... icon and choose Excel/CSV to export.

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File is exported as .csv file. It is a standard format that can easily be used on multiple platforms and opened with multiple different spreadsheet programs. If the file does not open as expected check out this article: Troubleshoot .csv file

Export feature:

With the basic export feature, you can export up to 200 companies/export. 

 Export includes these data points: 
  • Company name
  • Business ID
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Website
  • Status
  • Form of company
  • Registration year
  • Industry
  • Link to vainu
  • Countries of operation
  • Social media links and figures
  • Technologies
  • Financial figures (employee count, turnover among others)

The Restricted for Marketing  field contains one of three possible values:
True: Company has denied direct marketing and the company should not be added to any direct marketing email or call lists.
False: Company has not denied direct marketing.
Empty: Company has not denied direct marketing.

Export does not function if the list is not saved first. Remember to set chosen search filters and save the list from the top right corner. ↗️

Export contact information (Profession class) 

When you click the Export icon a new pop-up window will open. If you need to get more information on the personnel working for a certain company, select a profession class to get all names relevant to the selected employee group. You can select one or more profession classes. 
When you have selected to export profession classes it will result in duplicate rows on export, because each row represents one employee. Contact information, if available, can be found in the last columns. 

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Note❗ Vainu is not focused on personal information and for that reason offers a limited amount of contact information. Contact information has been gathered from official and public sources.

If you need to export a larger list, contact your Vainu contact person. 


💬 Should you have any questions, please contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner or by sending an email to support@vainu.io