How can I export companies to Excel(.csv)?

Export prospect lists from Vainu

Note! Full Export function is an additional feature and is not included in all contracts. If you are unsure if it is includes in your contract contact our support team.

You can easily export prospect lists from Vainu, if export is included in your company's Vainu license. Just select the list you wish to export and click Export to Excel icon next to prospect list name.

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Full excel export (Premium feature):

Full excel export amount includes unlimited amount of exports and export possibility for contact information. We suggest filtering prospect lists well and exporting maximum of 20 000 companies at a time. Larger exports might take considerable time to finish.

Limited export (free feature):

With limited export feature you can export up to 200 companies/export.

Export does not function if list is not saved first. Remember to set chosen search filters and save from top right corner. 

Export contact information (Profession class)

When you click the Export icon a new pop-up window will open. If you need to get more information on the personnel working for certain company, select a profession class to get all names relevant to selected employee group. You can select one or more profession classes. 
When you have selected to export profession classes it will result in duplicate rows on export, for each row represents one employee. Contact information if available can be found on the last columns. 

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Note! Vainu is not focused on personal information and for that reason offers limited amount of contact information. Contact information has been gathered from official and public sources.

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