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Find companies based on company website information

Use website filters to find companies using certain technology or companies active in social media.

Technology filter is one of the most commonly used filter in Vainu.

Different technologies can be found on these three filter categories:

1) Technology

  • Vainu scans automatically technologies from website source code. Vainu also receives techonlogy information from other public sources. You can find technologies by category in the filters or by typing in the “All” filter.
  • You can see a short description of each technology on company cards, which helps you to understand what that technology tells about the company.
  • You can find website technologies under “Technology” section in the filters.
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Let us know in the chat if you cannot find the technology you are looking for and we will check if it can be added!

2) Digital Footprint / Website

In addition to the technologies used on the company website you can also search for specific keywords that appear on the websites. Search for companies with specific URLs if you want to find franchising companies with the same website and much more! Read more about Vainu Indices.


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3) Social media

  • Find companies based on their activity on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social media channels mentioned on the company website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be found in Technology filter under “Social media”.
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Should you have any questions, please contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner or by sending an email to support@vainu.io