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Find companies based on location and financial information

Use Vainu to find companies in a specific area and with certain financial status

With the help of Vainu's location and financial information filters, you can easily find companies in your desired area which are for instance growing fast. Find out how to do this!

  • How do I find companies based on location (city, address, state, map or postal number)?
  • How do I find information based on financial information (ie Revenue, employee count, growth of revenue)?


There are several ways to define the location but some of our favourites include:

  • Map: choose whichever shape on the map to narrow down the area
  • City: Find companies that have their official address in the city you choose
  • Street Address: Find companies that have their address on specific street address/addresses
  • Postal code / Zip code: Find companies based on their postal code, you can type postal codes individually or like this 00300-00700 which will use all postal codes between the codes you chose.

NOTE! Vainu is currently only able to find companies based on their official address. Searching through additional addresses is currently not possible.

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You can use Financials category filters to find the companies based on several basic information such as:

  • Revenue, Revenue €: Find companies based on their latest revenue available in Vainu. The revenue filter without € is a search using the local currency and Revenue € is good when you are trying to find companies in multiple countries and want them to be comparable in a single currency.
  • Change of revenue: You can use this filter to find companies that are growing rapidly or maybe having a rough year. You can choose the growth in percentages.
  • Net income (Profit): Find companies based on how much profit they made on their previous financial year.
  • Employee count: Find companies based on the number of employees
  • Quick lists (e.g. industry's biggest, most profitable companies): We have collected ready made lists that contain for example the 100 biggest companies in the database(s) you have chosen.
  • And many more depending on your needs (Note! Not all financial filters are available in all databases.)


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