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Find companies based on profile

Learn how to find companies based on their industry, company name, official registers and many more!

Company profile category includes several filters, that tell something about the character of the company. You can use these filters, for example, as a starting point for your dynamics list.

How? 🧐

We have gathered all the filters that describe the character of the company under Profile

 ➡️ Company name  

You can find companies, which name includes, for instance, a certain word. This can be handy if you want to search for, e.g., filial companies (or exclude them).

➡️ Business entity 

Are you interested, for example, only in organizations or public limited companies? Business entity filter is the answer for that! 

➡️ Industry (category)

Industry (category) describes more in detail what the company is actually doing compared to the official industry information. You can find e.g. Cleantech/Staffing/SaaS companies easily with the help of industry (category) filter. 

➡️ Company keywords 

When official industry classifications don't fill your need to find companies with specific type of focus, company keywords filter is the answer. It is a simple yet efficient way for finding a certain type of companies: type in any search word (e.g. cleantech, SaaS) and Vainu will search all the companies that mention the words in their own company description. 

➡️ Industry 

You can find companies in certain industries, that are relevant for your business by using the industry filter. The industries are based on standard industrial classification ISIC. 

➡️ Founded & registration year 

Find, for instance, companies that are having their 30th anniversary, that is recently founded or have recently hired their first employees. 

➡️ Teleoperators (Only available for Sweden)

This helps you to find companies using a certain teleoperator. 

➡️ Networks

Networks include interesting listings from events, members of certain organizations, partnerships, and other networks. You can find for example companies that have attended Slush or are listed as Gazelle companies. 

If you don't find the listing you are looking for, let us know in the chat and we will investigate if it is possible to add your desired network to Vainu! 

➡️ Registers 

With the help of registers, you can find companies that belong to certain official registers such as government supplier or if they are registered for export. 


Please note that some of the filters are only available in certain countries.❗

Now that you are familiar with company profile filters, try making your search more specific by utilizing:

Location and financial information

Information on company websites

Buying Signals