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Find companies based on Group Structures

They are finally here, group structure filters!

You might be familiar with group structure view on Vainu company cards and you most likely have been wondering how can that information be utilized in searches. Now we have a solution for you! Vainu is introducing group structure filters that will help you make the prospecting process even easier.

Group structure is visible on company card only when company is identified to be part of a group.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 9.16.53

NOTE! You can click the blue plus (+) icons to open up the group structure and the red (-) icons to close them. This way you will see all the companies under the group.

Number of companies in a group:

Do you only want to approach groups with merely one to three subsidiaries or maybe your ideal prospect is a group with over ten. With Number of companies filter you can search by the amount of subsidiaries. - Find companies with over certain number of companies in the group.- Find only group HQsThis same search can used to find groups that have over certain number of companies in them. You can also use this filter to find only group HQs by doing a search like the one below. The results will be only company HQs or the top level company in the country.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 9.18.06


Countries of operations (of group companies):

Do you want to find companies that also operate in a specific country? Find Finnish companies that are also operating in Sweden and vice versa.- Find finnish companies that also operate in Sweden and China. Country filter is needed to specify where the companies need to be located and then in the countries of operations you can choose one or more countries where the companies need to also be operating in.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 9.18.31

Find companies that do not belong to any group:
You can do this by utilizing Countries of operations filter. 

Exclude your database country. This way the search excludes all group companies that have activity in your own country. Resulting in all the companies that are not in a group.

Näyttökuva 2019-12-2 kello 14.52.19

Number of countries of operations:

Is your interest on widely international companies which operate worldwide? This is the ideal filter for you, search for companies with operations in from one to 50+ countries.

- Find companies that are multinational and operate in multiple different countries

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 9.18.45


You will save time when you don't need to rule out subsidiary companies belonging to a larger group. Just use this filter to find all Group parent companies.

Näyttökuva 2019-12-2 kello 14.49.25


You can also combine these filters for even more accurate results and more interesting searches for example companies that operate in Sweden & Finland and total number of countries they operate in over 5 so they would have 3 other countries + Sweden & Finland where they operate.

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