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What is Vainu?

Vainu's mission is to know more facts about all companies in the world than anyone has ever known. At Vainu our goal is to have the best possible overall picture of all the world’s businesses.


Vainu is designed to find the right type of companies, and the optimal timing for contacting those sweet prospects.

Some might even say that Vainu is your best friend, your least paid employee and your competitor’s worst nightmare. Vainu Knowledge Base is your guide in uncovering the endless possibilities in Vainu.


Video introduction to Vainu’s basic features!

When you first open Vainu you will be introduced to a product tour that will teach you the very basic features that are in Vainu. You can see the tour also in the video below.



Webinars! We host a monthly free webinar to all Vainu users.

We host a monthly webinar which focuses on the basic features found in Vainu. The webinar is available in English, Finnish and Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch. You can also see the previous recording of the webinar from our Help Center.





More information about our monthly webinars here: Vainu webinars

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