How to manage your organization’s Vainu accounts

FAQ : Vainu account admins can easily manage their organization's Vainu user accounts. Read how to invite / remove / edit users.

NOTE! Vainu settings might differ between different Vainu Platforms. But the general logic behind the settings still remain the same.

Account admin rights in Vainu allow you to manage your organization's Vainu user accounts in your Vainu settings. You can invite new users, remove old users and give account admin rights to other users.

If you think you should have admin rights in your organization, don't hesitate to contact us through chat!

How you can access user settings: 

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  • Click on the left side bar's settings button
  • Choose Manage and Team & Privileges tab

How to manage users in Teams & Privileges tab:

  •  Scroll down to the Team & Privileges tab
  • Invite new users to Vainu (invitation is valid for 30 days). You will see how many available invites you have on the invitation box.

If you wish to re-add a user that has been a Vainu user before, you can't send a new invitation, but you can request us to reactivate the user account –contact us through the chat!


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  • Remove users by clicking on the trash bin icon next to the user and selecting Remove user.
  • See the last login next to each Vainu user in your organization.
  • Manage admin rights in your organization:
    • Add or remove account admin rights by clicking the Admin Rights button.
    • Notice that account admins are listed at the bottom of the user list.
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 🔎 If you wish to add more databases or other additional features to your Vainu account, please read this article (-> Vainu license) or chat with us!


 💬 Questions? Talk with us directly by using the chat, and we'll help you out!