Vainu for Outsourcing Partner

How to deliver the best prospects to your outsourcing partner with Vainu.

Your booking agency pitches not only affect your hit rate from call to meeting but also have a huge impact on your brand. Giving them the right kind of companies with good instructions on what kind of pitch works for each context will result in:

  • Better booking hit rate
  • Better meetings (=better closing hit rate)
  • Leaving a good impression for companies that turn down the meeting on the phone. 

How you can ensure that your partner knows which buttons to push during the call? Use Vainu in cooperation with your booking partner! How?

Identify the best groups of prospects

With Vainu, you can use smart data to make your calling lists more accurate. Instead of having a big random list of companies of certain sizes, focus on the pitch: what kind of companies would buy your services? In which situations do companies need your services?

For example, all large companies need recruitment services, but even very small organizations that need specific talent could be your customer. These companies can't be booked with the same pitch. With Vainu, you can, for instance, make 5 different, well-targeted lists with 20 organizations instead of one list of 100 randomly selected prospects, enabling your partner to target their pitch better and increase the booking hit rate. At this point, you might want to read about how and why to create your Ideal Customer Profile(s) and how you can utilize Vainu Analyzer to your benefit.

Set up a user account for your partner 

One option is that your outsourced booker has access to Vainu. This way sharing the prospect lists is very easy. Let us know in the chat if you are interested in having your partner use Vainu on your behalf, so we can go through the practical arrangements together. 

Share prospect lists with your partner 

By sharing your prospect lists with your bookers, they get immediate access to your most wanted prospect lists, and you can easily specify which companies to contact. You can grant them only reading rights to ensure your filters do not get changed or give full permissions for editing the search. 

Excel call lists are also great for organizing the work, which is why we have a few options for compiling those lists: 

Inform your partner about your priorities

Let your partner know which information on the prospect card should they pay attention to. Specific signals, technologies, domains or maybe latest social media updates?


Follow up! We've had customers report around 40% better hit rate on calls with this technique! You don't believe it? You can read more here.


💬  If you are interested in finding out more, let us know in the chat!