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  2. What is Vainu about?

Learn to use Vainu in 10 minutes 🎥

This article will make you familiar with the basic features of Vainu.

Vainu is a great tool with multiple different features to help you excel in your line of work. To get started we have created small videos, on how to use Vainu's main features to find interesting prospects. ✨

Build a list of ideal companies

Follow a group of companies

Research a company

Use Vainu data to contact a company


To dig deeper into how Vainu works you can watch our 30 minute Monthly Training Webinar recording. This  webinar introduces Vainu features in detail with examples.

You can also check articles below that cover the basic features of Vainu.

Create lists and use filters

Make a basic search - Create a dynamic list

Find companies based on location and financial information

Find companies based on company website information

Find companies based on data in your CRM

Find companies based on Group Structures

Upload an Excel list to Vainu

Vainu Settings

How can I share prospect lists with other users?

How can I manage my organization's Vainu accounts?


Should you have any questions, please contact us through Vainu Chat or by sending an email to support@vainu.io