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Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On

If needed Vainu allows users to create accounts and log in to Vainu using Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On (SSO). This removes the need to create & invite new accounts for users and instead they can log in using the their Microsoft accounts.

How can I enable Single Sign-On?

All Vainu Superusers (Admins) can enable Microsoft Azure SSO from Vainu settings menu. Enabling SSO login from the Team & Privileges menu for all users or allow users to choose which account to use.

Direct link where to activate SSO: https://app.vainu.io/vainu/settings/management

1) Open the page linked above or access the Team & Privileges menu from settings

- If the Team & Privileges page is not visible then your user is currently missing Superuser (Admin rights)

2) Click the "Sign in with Microsoft" button
3) Follow all the steps to log in to Microsoft services.

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 15.09.52

4) Here you can select Microsoft sign in options depending on your organisational needs.


- Enable Vainu for everyone in your organisation, this will allow any user in your Microsoft environment to log in to Vainu. They do not require any invite and can access Vainu by going to app.vainu.io and logging in using the option to log in with Microsoft SSO. If you need to enable SSO for all users in your organisation, please check forward from step 5 on extra information regarding limit users based on their email address.

- If SSO is not enabled for all users then individual users will require an invite before accessing Vainu. Invites need to be manually sent which can be done from the same page as the Microsoft SSO. It's good idea to enable the "Force new users to use their Microsoft account so sign in" if only people from your Microsoft environment will be using Vainu.

How to invite users

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 15.22.35

5) Here you can control people who can automatically join your Vainu organisation by enabling and disabling certain domains. You can check the Microsoft sign in box texts for more information regarding user filtering based on emails. It's good to force the new users to use their Microsoft account to sign in if SSO is enabled for all users in your organisation.

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 15.22.52

How to log in to Vainu using Microsoft SSO

When accessing the Vainu login page (https://app.vainu.io/) you need to click the "Sign in with Microsoft" button under the Log in. This will allow you to log in to Vainu using your Microsoft credentials instead of the normal Vainu account.

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 15.33.14