Setting up the connection between Pipedrive and Vainu is done with a few clicks in Vainu. If you are using the simple integration, you only need to add your Pipedrive login details in Vainu and you are good to go. If you are using the advanced version, one person at your organization should fill in the synchronisation settings as well. 

How to setup the integration:

1) Connect your own account (simple & advanced integration) 

I) Click on the wheel icon on the upper right corner and choose "Settings" 

II) Insert your Pipedrive credentials, i.e. e-mail and password. Click 'Update'. 

III) Choose the Pipeline where you want your leads to be exported. 

IV) Start exporting companies to Pipedrive

2) Synchronisation settings (only for advanced integration)

If you are using the advanced integration, one person needs to fill in the synchronisation setting in Vainu. Please note that the user needs to have admin rights in Vainu in order to have access to the extra settings. 

  • Choose whether you want to use Business IDs or Company names when matching companies with Vainu data.
  • Select the correct Pipedrive field from the drop-down menu. Example: if you choose Business ID in the initial matching, choose the correct field in Pipedrive, where business ID's can be found.
  • Click 'Import' all companies (Please note that importing the companies can take up to a few hours if you have a lot of companies in your Pipedrive)
  • Clic 'Activate auto-synchronization'
  • Insert your Pipedrive URL

If you want to inactivate your auto-synchronization, just click the 'Auto-sync inactive' button.

Start exporting companies to Pipedrive and using Pipedrive data in your target groups!

If you need any help, please contact us via our Vainu chat or contact us via e-mail at NB! Before connecting your Pipedrive with Vainu, it is good to be aware of the following: the customer may use the service on their own responsibility, in accordance with the general terms and conditions. The provider will not disclose the data imported via the integration to third parties.

Information brought to Pipedrive

Any time you export a company from Vainu, this information is brought automatically: 

  • VAT Number
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Employees
  • Industry Code
  • Revenue
  • Vainu Link
  • Phone number

If you do not have these exact fields in your Pipedrive, the corresponding fields will be created when a company is exported by an admin user in Pipedrive. The built-in integration does not allow the user to decide which fields are used in Pipedrive for specific information, but if you are looking for a more customisable solution, check out Zapier!

Find out more about how to make the most out of the integration and how to direct leads to Pipedrive: 

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