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Use Integrations to Save Time

Connect Vainu with other platforms and save time by creating new opportunities for your CRM workflow.

Make sure that the information is where you need it the most by using the built-in integrations in Vainu or creating your own using Zapier or our API. Watch a video at the end of this page and discover how you can start capitalizing on your CRM data in sales prospecting.

Why should I export information from Vainu to CRM? πŸ€”

We all know how important it is to have enough opportunities in your CRM, and how annoying it is to fill all the data manually. Vainu's CRM integrations are built so that you can transfer all the great prospects from Vainu to your own CRM with a few clicks, and then continue the work following your own sales process

How integrations can make your sales process more effective? πŸ’Ž 

Vainu's built-in integrations help you to: 

  • Reduce manual work
  • Combine data from different platforms for maximum effect
  • Focus your activities on the most potential cases
  • React faster to interesting signals. 

When you use Vainu's integrations, you can set up a workflow that fits your sales process and has the crucial information where you need it the most. Integrations can bring terrifying images into your mind about time-consuming and expensive projects but don't worry, this is not the case with these built-in integrations!

Integration Options  βš™

You can see a list of all the integrations to social media platforms and CRM systems, that are included in your contract from settings.

  1. Click the settings icon from the left side panel and open the settings
  2. Click the Integrations tab
  3. You will see all possible integrations here. Connected apps have the apps that are already connected to Vainu and which settings can be changed. Other apps and CRMs are also on this page to be seen and can be connected depending on your license.

​1. CRM platforms

Vainu's integrations are super powerful in streamlining your sales process and making sales prospecting as efficient as possible. Capitalize on your CRM data by discovering new sales opportunities from open, won, or lost deals and keep your data up-to-date by exporting company information to your CRM. Contact your Account manager to activate CRM integration on your contract. Available for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Upsales, Lime, SuperOffice and HubSpot CRMs. 

A) Salesforce 

Salesforce integration allows you to customize what data is exported from Vainu to Salesforce. To use the Salesforce Integration you need Vainu Salesforce license and also Salesforce REST API needs to be enabled on your Salesforce accounts. ​​Set-up up the connections between Salesforce and Vainu​

B) Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics integration allows you to customize what data is exported from Vainu to Dynamics.​​​Set-up the connection between Dynamics and Vainu​

C) Upsales

Upsales integration allows you to export default fields to Upsales. Export fields can not be edited. Set-up the connection between Upsales and Vainu​

D) SuperOffice

SuperOffice integration allows you to export default fields to SuperOffice. Export fields can not be edited. ​​Set-up the connection between SuperOffice and Vainu​

E) Pipedrive   

Pipedrive integration allows you to export default fields to Pipedrive. Export fields can not be edited. The two-way integration enables you to bring out the fullest potential of your own CRM data and helps you focus your time on the most potential companies. You have the possibility to filter companies according to the owner, latest contact, a number of lost/open/won deals in Pipedrive, and export company information to Pipedrive. How to set up the advanced integration​​

F) HubSpot

HubSpot integration allows you to customize what data is exported from Vainu to HubSpot. Complete the company information in HubSpot by bringing in information from Vainu! It is possible to export companies, deals, or contacts directly from Vainu into your desired pipeline and stage. You can choose which information you want in HubSpot and in which specific field that information should appear. ​​​Setting up HubSpot Integration​

If you love Zapier as we do, take a look at some of the workflow options for HubSpot and Vainu: Automatic workflow for HubSpot​

G) Lime CRM

Lime On-Premise integration allows you to customize what data is exported from Vainu to Lime. This integration is set up and managed by Lime. Please check the article about connecting Lime On-Premise to Vainu. Lime integration

Vainu is not responsible for managing the Lime integration.


2. Social Media Platforms


When you connect your Gmail account, Vainu creates a static prospect list out of the companies in your Gmail contacts. This is an excellent way to keep track of the companies you are having some sort of discussions with and saves you the time of importing a list manually to your saved static list.


With our Slack integration, it is possible to spread interesting Vainu buying signals by exporting them to a specific Slack channel. You can also automate signal flow into Slack from "Reports". 

NB! Only an owner of your Slack channel can do the connection for the first time. Afterward, any user can connect Vainu to Slack.

​Export Company Information to Slack​​

3. Other options 


With Zapier you can create very complex and useful workflows through almost any application with just a few clicks. Zapier moves information between your applications automatically so that you can focus on more important matters. Please note that Zapier connection requires access to Vainu's API, which is not included in all contracts. 

Create Automations with Zapier


For more intensive use of our data, we have an API as an additional feature. This enables you to bring a massive amount of Vainu information to just about any platform you are using. You can find our documentation here.

Vainu webinar: Benefitting from Vainu's CRM integrations

Benefitting from Vainus CRM integrations [Allowed for Embedding]


πŸ’¬ Should you have any questions, please contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner or by sending an email to support@vainu.io