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New & updated signal categories

We want to arm you with the most useful, insightful company data. Vainu's signals – the way they're categorized and the accuracy of the categories – play a significant role in this, and we felt that we could do it better.

To be precise, we thought we could improve in several areas:

  1. in categorizing the signals accurately with machine learning and
  2. in making the different categories easy for you to understand.

To achieve this, we have done many adjustments – some under the hood, some above the hood:

  1. *Improved categorizers*. To make a computer understand e.g. when a company receives funding, it needs to see lots of – and we really mean lots of – examples of funding news. All the signal categories you now see as a filtering option have been re-trained with the best possible training data to make them produce only high-quality hits.
  2. *Clarified categories*. Despite their exciting names, some categories were overlapping or just too vague and didn't hit our quality standards. They were replaced with more specific ones. This means that some old categories were removed or renamed and some new categories were introduced to make things more clear.

Because of the above-mentioned updates in categories, some aligning changes have also been made to the target groups and alerts. This most likely has some effect on what is being searched also in your target groups, in case they included signals.

On the table below you will be able to find all of the signals which can be found in Vainu and see in which countries certain signal are available.

Näyttökuva 2019-10-31 kello 15.11.58


Näyttökuva 2019-10-31 kello 15.12.21


Signals below were removed and changed to more improved versions:

Negative Development (excl. Layoffs), Positive Development (excl. earnings release), Cost-cutting, Internationalization, Expansion, Significant investments, Organizational Restructuring, Projects, Mention in Governmental Documents, Office moved, New Address, New Website Content, Minutes - City planning, Minutes - Projects and investments, Minutes - Construction - Infrastructure, Minutes - Construction - Permits, Minutes - Construction - Renovations, Minutes - Corporatizements, Minutes - Environment

We've done our best to handle the updates very carefully to retain the original intentions in different searches. However, if you feel that something doesn't seem to be right, please do tell us about it via chat so we'll figure it out!