Embed Vainu’s company card to SuperOffice with Vainu View iframe solution 🌐

Vainu View: 360° company info view on prospects and customers.

Vainu View iframe solution enables customer data to be displayed in Superoffice.


Vainu View solution

  • makes Vainu’s company profile data available to everyone who is working with customers and needs detailed company information on a daily basis, i.e., salespeople, people working in customer service as well as account managers and people working in customer success. 
  • brings ease in preparing for customer meetings and creating customer understanding.


⚙️ Vainu’s company card can be embedded to SuperOffice by adding an IFRAME element to a view by following these steps: 


  1. Open Settings and Maintenance from the top right dropdown menu.
  2. Open GUI - Web panel from Lists and press Add (+)  to add Vainu View solution.


 3.   Enter Vainu View information to form and Save. ✅



The IFRAME src property needs to be modified dynamically by adding the business ID and country code to the URL as parameters. 


Adding country code dynamically to Vainu View URL or making multiple Vainu View windows in SuperOffice 🌏


The Vainu View URL query needs to have a country specific code in front of the business ID to work properly.


1. If your SuperOffice already has the two letter country code available you can include it in the query using the following example



2. If your SuperOffice does not have the two letter country code available, you need to create Vainu View for each country in your CRM system, and name them accordingly so that for example all companies from Denmark will receive the DK prefix before their business ID.



3. If you are an experienced SuperOffice user with technical knowledge you can generate a script that will transform country field information into the two-letter country codes and then use this to create the country prefixes automatically to the Vainu View URL. Or you can use the script to generate a two-letter country code field to SuperOffice automatically.

Read more general information about Vainu View from the link below 🔍

Vainu View: 360° company info view on prospects and customers


Should you need more information on our Vainu View solution, chat with us or email at support@vainu.io and we're happy to help you out!  💬