Change or reset forgotten password 🔑

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Learn how to change your password or  how to request a new one.

Change your password in Vainu settings ⚙️

When you remember your current password, you can change the password in Vainu Settings. You can access settings from the left side bar by clicking the settings button at the bottom of it. 

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Go to settings -> Manage -> Account and then "change password" tab

Password must be at least 8 characters long.

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Forgotten password 

If you forgot Vainu password, you can get a new one using this link:

If you did not receive an email check the steps below ⬇️

Unable to login / Did not receive password reset email ✉️

 First, check the spam folder! Sometimes Vainu emails are re-routed to spam folder. If the email is not in spam folder. Answer to the questions:

Have you been able to sign in to Vainu previously? 

Yes, I have used Vainu before

  1. Check that you are using supported browser. Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari work best with Vainu. Update the browser if necessary. Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported browsers.
  2. Remove any empty spaces in front or behind the email when making the reset request and send a new password reset request.
  3. Your account might be deactivated for some reason. Vainu Support chat can help you to reactivate the account if needed. 
  4. If possible please check with your IT department that emails from is being blocked from sending emails.

No, first time signing in

  1. Have you already received activation link to your email? You can activate your account by clicking on the link in the email!
  2. Please check that someone has sent you an invite to Vainu. You can receive an invite to Vainu from your Vainu contact person,  Account Admin or Vainu Support.

If the steps above did not solve your log in issue, please contact support from the chat in the bottom right corner.

Contact Support if you have any questions! 🕵🏻‍♀️ You can send an email to or send a message through chat.