Remove / exclude companies from your lists or search results

If you want to remove companies from your list follow this article. If you already know how to create static lists and how they work you can move to the end of this article to see more on how to remove companies from lists.

You will only see the "trash bin"-icon in your bookmarks or in a static list. How can you remove a company from list made with search filters. Removing companies from a dynamic list is possible by creating a static list and then removing the companies found in this static list from your dynamic lists. Please check the following steps on how to remove companies from dynamic lists/searches.

To remove companies from STATIC LIST please click the trash bin icon at the bottom of the company card. To remove companies from dynamic lists, follow the steps below.

Start by opening up your old dynamic search or create a new one from which you want to add companies to these static lists.

Move a company to a saved static list

  1. Select a company by pressing the check mark button on the lower-left of the company profile.


​2. After selecting a company or companies you wish to move to a static list a “Add to lists” button will appear on the left corner of your list.


​3. You can move these companies to an existing static list by clicking “Add to list” or you can create a new static list by clicking “Create a new list”. Select the list you wish to transfer these companies to.

NOTE! You can only move companies to static lists. Static lists are manually made lists of companies that can be made from Excel lists or by manually moving companies to their own list. Dynamic lists are created with Vainu filters and those don’t appear on this view.


Remove/exclude companies from your dynamic or static lists

  1. Open up a list you wish to edit or start from a new list


2. Open up the filters and use the “Lists” filter option

3. Select the “Include & Exclude selected lists” filter


4. Select which list you wish to remove from your results. Only static lists can be removed from your search results.


5. After clicking the chosen list it will turn blue on your options. This means that only these companies are included on your search now. To make this search negative (excluding) click the selected list to turn it RED.


6. Click apply filter.

The logic of removing companies is that all companies found on the static list will be removed from your search. This way you can easily keep track which companies have been removed from your search and you can use the same static list to filter out other searches without having to create a new list.

NOTE! Only static lists can be removed from your search. Dynamic lists which are made using Vainu filters can not be removed from your search. Please refer to the beginning of this article to see how you can move companies to their own list.

Video guide on how to add companies to a list:



Video guide on how to use static lists to remove companies from your search:


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