Set up automated workflows between HubSpot and Vainu with Zapier

Create workflows with Zapier to enrich company data in HubSpot and to bring the most relevant companies from HubSpot to Vainu.

Zapier enables some amazing workflows for enriching company data in HubSpot as well as for bringing in the most relevant companies from HubSpot to Vainu. Here are our favorite workflows between Vainu and HubSpot, but use your imagination when building your Zap:

  • Adding a company to a static list in Vainu after a deal has been marked as Won in HubSpot.
  • Adding company to a HubSpot pipeline after an interesting change has happened in your prospect list.
  • Enriching an inbound contact in HubSpot with Vainu data (useful, e.g., in segmenting, email automation, and lead scoring).

Won deal in HubSpot CRM → Add the company to a static list

With the help of this workflow, you make sure that

  1. your current customers do not end up in your prospect lists
  2. you stay on track of all interesting and business-relevant changes happening in your customer base.

This workflow turns your new HubSpot contacts into companies in Vainu's static company list, so you'll get automatically notified when new sales opportunities or other essential changes in the companies on your list arise. In short, whenever a deal is closed as Won in HubSpot, the company is added to the static list you've chosen in Vainu (e.g., Current Customers). With this workflow, you can exclude your current customers when you're prospecting with Vainu, and you don't have to update your customer lists in Vainu manually to stay up-to-date on the latest changes that you should know about in your customer base.

Zapier 3

1. Select HubSpot CRM (trigger application) and choose New deal in Stage (action).

2. Connect your HubSpot account with HubSpot ID. 

3. Choose the correct pipeline and stage (e.g. won deal). 

4. Select Vainu (Action application) and choose Add company to Portfolio (action).

5. Connect your Vainu account. 

6. Select the correct prospect list and whether the companies will be recognized based on company name or business ID. Choose where in HubSpot this information can be found in Identifier field. 

Interesting change in your prospect list → Add the company to HubSpot CRM pipeline

Every time something interesting happens in your prospect list, such as projects, product launch,es or whatever might be of your interest, a company is automatically added to the pipeline you have chosen. This way you can react straight away to interesting buying signals in your prospects and continue the sales process in HubSpot CRM.

Zapier 4

1. Select Vainu (trigger application) and choose New Lead (action).

2. Select your Vainu account. 

3. Select the prospect list from which you want to create prospects (make sure you have selected the signals that you are interested in e.g. M&A, internationalization). 

4. Select HubSpot (Action app) and Create Deal (action).

5. Choose the information you wish to have in the HubSpot deal. 

6. Finalize & activate the Zap and you are all set! Enjoy the automatic flow of prospects in HubSpot. 

New inbound contact in HubSpot → Enrich with Vainu's data → Add the company to a prospect list in Vainu

This workflow is terrific for making full use of both Vainu and HubSpot. By combining different Zaps you can automatically enrich company information of an inbound contact in HubSpot and utilize this information, e.g., in segmenting, email automation as well as in lead scoring and account scoring.  You can process your inbound contacts more efficiently when you receive all the necessary company information from Vainu when someone, for instance, downloads an eBook.

Zapier 5

1. Select HubSpot (trigger application) and choose New Contact (action).

2. Connect your HubSpot account with HubSpot ID.

3. Select Vainu (Search application) and Find company (action).

4. Connect to your Vainu account.

5. Select Homepage/Email as the identifier type and email as the identifier.

6. Select HubSpot (action application) and Create or Update Contact (action).

7. Use the Step1 Email to connect to the right email. Add the wanted information by first selecting Find Company and then selecting the desired information for each slot.

After this, you can also create a Zap where the company is automatically added to a selected prospect list if it is found from Vainu’s database, based on the inbound’s domain. You can even track interesting changes in the companies, e.g, internationalization, M&As, new hires, fundings.

You can find a detailed description of each Vainu on Zapier use case on Zapier's home site.

To connect Vainu with 2000+ other apps, head to Vainu's Zapier integration page.