Set-up the connection between Salesforce and Vainu

Learn how to set up the two-way Salesforce integration and streamline your sales prospecting.

The two-way integration is super powerful in streamlining your sales process and making your prospecting as efficient as possible.

Before setting up the connection, here's what you need for getting the integration up and running:

  • Salesforce integration included in your Vainu license
  • Access to Salesforce REST API*, which is required for importing data from Salesforce to Vainu. It is included automatically in Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited plans, or you can purchase it as a separate package.
  • One person with Vainu Admin rights
  • Permission to add data to Salesforce (read-only rights are not enough)
    * Check your Salesforce version with the instructions here.

The integration is done in two simple steps 

  1. Vainu Admin imports Salesforce data into Vainu 
  2. All the other users connect their own Salesforce account in Vainu 

1. Vainu Admin does the initial set-up 🛠 

Vainu Admin in your organization should make the initial set-up and import all the data from Salesforce into Vainu. If you are unsure who is the admin in your organization, let us know in the chat! Here's how to get started: 

Connect your account

  • Click on the User icon on the upper right corner → Settings → Integrations & Subscriptions
  • Find Salesforce in the list of integrations and click on "Connect". 
Näyttökuva 2019-6-3 kello 11.45.22
  • Login to Salesforce and grant Vainu the permission to access the information in Salesforce.

Import Salesforce data

I) Choose Vainu field (Company name or business ID) and the corresponding field in Salesforce

II) Click on "Start full import". This can take a while depending on the number of companies you have in Salesforce. 

III) Activate auto-sync (Vainu will gather the latest information automatically from Salesforce once an hour). 

Näyttökuva 2019-6-3 kello 11.51.39

Export settings 

Each user has automatically the default settings activated on their account. These settings bring basic company information to default fields in Salesforce but if you want to modify the settings or create multiple options, you can do it by clicking on "Customize export settings". 

Näyttökuva 2019-6-3 kello 11.51.39

2. Rest of the users connects their Salesforce accounts 🔑

Once the Vainu Admin in your organization has finished the settings, the rest of the users can connect their own Salesforce accounts in Vainu: 

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