Set up the connection with SuperOffice (Legacy)

Learn how to set-up Vainu's native integration with SuperOffice CRM!

The  development of this feature has been discontinued, if you want to read more about Vainu's current integrations go here:

Before setting up the connection, here's what you need for getting the integration up and running:

  • SuperOffice CRM Online version.
  • SuperOffice integration included in your Vainu license.
  • One person with Vainu Account Admin rights.
  • Permission to add data to SuperOffice

    The integration is done in two simple steps:
  1. Vainu Account Admin imports CRM data into Vainu. 
  2. All the other users connect their own CRM account in Vainu. 

1. Vainu Account Admin does the initial set-up 🛠 

Account Admin in your organization should make the initial set-up and import all the data from your CRM into Vainu. If you are unsure who is the Account Admin in your organization, we can help you in the chat! 💬 Here's how to get started:

Connect your account in Vainu

  • Click on Settings icon on the left panel and open Integrations.
  • Find SuperOffice in the list of integrations and click on 'Connect'
  • Login to SuperOffice and grant Vainu the permission to access the information.
Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 11.40.45

Import your CRM data

Company name and Business ID are automatically used when importing companies from SuperOffice.

 Click on 'Start full import'. This can take a while depending on the number of companies you have in your CRM.

 Activate auto-sync (Vainu will gather the latest information automatically from your CRM every hour). 

Settings for export

On Vainu settings you have the possibility to select when Sale event is created. SuperOffice has a privacy restriction for contacts. You can select a source for the contacts that is then automatically added to your SuperOffice contact cards. 

2. Rest of the users connect their SuperOffice accounts 🔑

Once the Vainu Account Admin in your organization has done the initial set-up, the rest of the users can connect their own SuperOffice accounts in Vainu: 

What fields are updated in SuperOffice when exporting from Vainu?

source_field: company_name
source_field: business_id
source_field: link
source_field: vainu_link
source_field: phone
source_field: address
source_field: country
source_field: company_name
source_field: vainu_link
source_field: email
source_field: phone
source_field: title
source_field: first_name
source_field: last_name
source_field: Exported from Vainu

What's next?

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