Set-up the connection between Vainu and HubSpot CRM

Learn how to set-up Vainu's native integration with HubSpot CRM and ensure information is where you need it the most!

Vainu's simple (yet customizable) integration is great for saving your time on more important matters. The connection to HubSpot is easy to set up and you can transfer Accounts, Signals, or Contacts to HubSpot CRM. 

Before setting up the connection, here's what you need for getting the integration up and running:

  • HubSpot integration included in your Vainu license.
  • One person with Vainu superuser rights.
  • Permission to edit contact properties in Hubspot*
    *Contact property editing permissions have to be as 'Everything'. You can check your permissions in HubSpot's Settings --> Users&Teams --> Search your user account and click on it. Read more about HubSpot's user permissions here


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The integration is done in two simple steps:

  1. Vainu superuser: imports HubSpot CRM data into Vainu and makes the set-up to be used in exporting data from Vainu to HubSpot. 
  2. All the other users: only connects Vainu with their HubSpot CRM account. Scroll down to the section 2 if you only need to connect your Vainu Account with HubSpot CRM!

1. Vainu superuser does the initial set-up 🛠 

Vainu superuser in your organization should make the initial set-up and and import all the data from your HubSpot CRM into Vainu.

Vainu Superuser should also have permission to connect 3rd party programs to Hubspot or Super admin rights that allow all permissions. For further info about Hubspot permission issues read here.

The settings are visible for all the users in your organization. If you are unsure who is the superuser in your organization, let us know in the chat! Here's how to get started:

1. Click on the user icon on the upper right corner → Choose Settings → Subscriptions & Integrations 

2. Connect to HubSpot and grant access:

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3. Import Hubspot data:

A) Choose Vainu field (Company name or business ID) and the corresponding field in HubSpot

B) Click on "Start full import". This can take a while depending on the number of contacts you have in HubSpot. 

C) Activate Automatic syncing (Vainu will gather the latest information automatically from HubSpot once an hour). 


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2. Rest of the users connect their HubSpot CRM accounts 🔑

Once the Vainu superuser in your organization has done the initial set-up, the rest of the users can connect their HubSpot CRM accounts in Vainu: 

1. Click on the User icon on the upper right corner → Choose Settings → Subscriptions & Integrations 

2. Connect to HubSpot and grant access.

Start exporting companies to your CRM and utilizing CRM information in your target groups

NOTE! - There is a known issue in HubSpot that sometimes won't allow other users to connect Vainu to HubSpot unless the users have Super admin rights in HubSpot. Super admin rights can be removed after the connection has been made.

Hubspot article about integration permission issues - Here

Export Settings – superuser makes the set-up  ⚙

Each user has automatically the Default Export Settings activated on their account. 

The export settings are visible for all the users in your organization so only one person needs to configure these settings.

1. Vainu's Default Export Settings (recommended):

Company, Contact and Deal are automatically created when exporting data from Vainu to HubSpot CRM. These settings bring basic company information to HubSpot CRM.

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Note that the following property fields are automatically created under Company properties when you first time export data from Vainu:

  • Vainu Business ID
  • ISIC Industry code
  • Digitality
  • Link to Vainu
  • Imported from Vainu

You have two options when exporting data to HubSpot CRM:

A) one-click export (recommended) or
B) Advanced export

A) One-click export:

Export a company by clicking on the integration icon next to on the Company card or next to signals or contacts.


B) Advanced export:

If you want to select between several export settings every time you export a company, remember to deactivate the option of using the default settings. This can be handy when you are e.g. dealing with campaigns. Do not activate the one-click export in this case.

Every time you want to export, you will be requested to select the export settings and the contact person you want to export.

You can always see which companies are imported from Vainu by using 'Imported from Vainu' -property.

Note that all the fields you have set to be used in your export settings, will override the data you already have in the corresponding fields in HubSpot. If some data is not found from Vainu, the corresponding field in your HubSpot Account will stay as it is. So, if you want to use the existing data in your account, be careful in setting up the right export settings. 

2. Customized Export Settings:     

If you want to modify the settings or create multiple options, you can do it by clicking on 'Customize export settings'. You can choose to create new export settings based on Vainu's default template or build your own settings from scratch. Read here how to customize your export settings.

We're happy to help you out in the chat if you have any questions!