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CRM Integration: Set up the connection between Vainu and your CRM

The connection between your CRM and is easy to set up. The initial setup is done by the Vainu account admin user, who also has admin-level rights in the CRM.

Connection requirements

To set up the connection between Vainu and your CRM, you need to have

  • the integration included in your Vainu contract (with the exception of the Vainu Similar Companies feature for HubSpot users) 
  • the correct version and permissions in your CRM – you can find the requirements for each CRM below:
CRM Version Permissions Additional information
Dynamics Dynamics 365 Sales (Cloud). Integration is not suitable for on-premise versions. Permission to add data to Dynamics. Read-only rights are not enough.  


All plans

Permission to Edit Property Settings in HubSpot while connecting the integration

Make sure you are assigned to a Team, and you have access to HubSpot Sales Hub. How to create & Edit Teams in HubSpot.

See the picture below for a detailed list of rights that HubSpot will grant Vainu when connecting the integration (click to enlarge).


Pipedrive Any Required permissions:
Use API, Add products, Edit products, Import items
There is currently a technical limitation on Pipedrive API, which doesn't allow letters äöå to be transferred through the API. This also affects the login process on Pipedrive integration. So if you have äåö letters on your password, you cannot login. ❗️
Salesforce Salesforce Editions with API Access Permission to add data to Salesforce (read-only rights are not enough)

Access to Salesforce REST API
Check which Salesforce editions contain API access:

Setting up the connection 🛠 

Vainu Account Admin does the initial setup:

❗️ Before setting up the connection, make sure that you have:

  • Integration included in your Vainu license.
  • Admin rights in Vainu. Let us know in the chat if you are unsure who is the Vainu account admin in your organization.
  • A valid CRM license. 
  • Admin rights in your CRM.

Connect your CRM account

Every Vainu user has to create the connection between Vainu and the CRM following these instructions:

  • Click on the Settings icon on the left panel and choose Connectors/Integrations. 
  • Click on Connect under the right CRM icon and follow the instructions.
  • Login to your CRM and grant Vainu permission to access the CRM information.

After the initial setup, the Vainu account admin can proceed to Company matching.

Other users can start using the integration right after the initial set-up and company matching steps are done. Read more here.

Vainu Similar Companies

Similar Companies is a brand-new dataset that shows similar companies to the chosen company. Vainu Similar Companies are based on Vainu Custom Industries, and it is using website text embeddings to calculate a distance score that we convert into a similarity score.  Using Similar Companies data does not require an active Vainu subscription for HubSpot users.


Should you have any questions or concerns about Vainu or matching companies, please chat with us or email support@vainu.io.