Vainu settings ⚙️

Manage your account and integrations, check your permissions and a lot more!

Manage your Vainu account 

From your settings, you can easily change your role, language, currency or your password

Changing your role will not change anything on Vainu itself. It's there to help you to receive the most useful newsletters and usage ideas relevant to your profession. This simply helps you get more out of Vainu! 

Changing your currency will be used when you export a list of companies to an Excel file. Currency conversion rate is updated daily from an official source.

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Features 📄


On this tab you can easily see what permissions you have. What databases can I access? What integrations do I have? Can I see vehicle data? View and manage your permissions with just one click! 

Looking to change your permissions? Interested in adding an integration with your CRM? Your Customer Success Manager will be the person to contact. Unsure who to speak to? Get in touch through support, 


Integrations  💎

On this tab you can easily see what integrations do you have connected already or possibility to connect. 

Working with integrations 🔎

Vainu's integrations help you add efficiency to your work 💪

Slack and Gmail integrations are free for all our users to integrate. Other integrations, like PipeDrive and Salesforce are available depending on your contract with us. 

If the integration is included in your contract you will see settings or Näyttökuva 2020-9-30 kello 14.02.15button below/next the integration icon. Simply click on the button to make the connection between the external service and Vainu, change your settings or see if your connection is active ✅


Activity feed 📉

Activity feed shows all the changes on your active lists. It will simply tell you if more prospects have entered your list or if some have left. You can easily keep an eye on what changes without having to manually keep an eye on things 😊

Read more about Activity Feed

API Keys (Extra permission) 🔑

If you have API included in your contract, you will be able to generate API Keys from this tab.

Give an API key a name and simply generate a new key.