Vainu Settings

In Vainu settings you have a possibility to edit your account and check your permissions, activate Vainu native integrations and a lot more.


In Account settings you have a possibility to change your role, Vainu UI language or your Password. You might wonder why there's an option to select your role. This is only for your benefit. When you have your role selected, you will receive newsletters and usage ideas relevant to your own role. Selected currency will be used when you export a list of companies to an excel file. Currency conversion rate is updated daily from an official source.

If you have forgotten your password follow the instructions here.

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Subscriptions & Integrations

You can see what permissions you have and what databases are available with subscription. In this view you will see integrations, country databases and vehicle permissions.


Vainu's native integrations help you to work more efficiently. Slack and Gmail accounts are free to integrate. Other integrations are available with subscription. If the integration is included in your contract you will see Settings, Connect or Active text below integration icon. If it is not included in your contract the space is empty below the integration icon.

Activity feed

Activity feed shows the activity from your target groups on one page.

Read more about Activity Feed

API Keys (Extra permission)

If you have API included in your contract, you will be able to generate API Keys from this tab.

Give an API key a name and Generate a new key.