Vainu settings

Manage your account and integrations, check your permissions, and a lot more!

Which version of Vainu are you using?

Managing your Vainu account on

When clicking on the "Settings" icon on the left-hand sidebar, you will be taken to the settings menu and the following view should appear:

 Available options might depend on your user permissions.

By clicking on Change password you will be directed to change your password by typing your old password once and your new password twice.

If you are an admin user, you will see all users on your account under Team privileges. You can check when users on your account have last logged in, change their admin status and inactivate their user accounts.

Managing your Vainu account on

When clicking on the "Settings" icon on the lower left sidebar, you will be taken to the settings menu and the following view should appear:

If all of these menus aren't visible to you, don't worry - they depend on your user permissions. So, let's see what the different sections are about.

1. Account: In the Account menu, you can set your personal user accounts "role" which is visible to other Vainu users in your organization. You can choose the language you will be using Vainu in and you can also choose the currency in which financial numbers will be visible to you.

2. Integrations (More info further down): In the Integrations menu you can control and see what integrated apps or tools you have connected to your Vainu user account. You can for example add a CRM, Gmail, or Slack connection to make your workflow as smooth as possible. Read more about Vainu's integrations here.

3. Features: In the Features menu you can see what features are available for your Vainu user account and what features are included in your contract. If you need to access more features or data, contact

4. Team & Privileges: This menu is visible to all users with Account Admin permissions. Here you can control your team's Vainu user accounts - You can give other users Account Admin rights or delete users that don't need an account anymore. This view also shows when your user's last login was. You can also invite new users and see how many user invitations you have left!

Let's also look at the Microsoft Sign in: Allow people in your organization who do not yet have an account to join your Vainu team. This will let them join with their Microsoft accounts, without the need to invite them from Vainu

 Here's an example view of the Teams & Privileges menu:
Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 14-35-15-png-1

Integrations Menu  ๐Ÿ’Ž

On this tab, you can easily see what integrations do you have connected already or the possibility to connect. 

In the new integrations menu, you are able to control your integrations settings even more easily than before. The integrations page has four tabs: 1. Overview 2. Company matching 3. Data mapping 4. Data Sync. Let's go over all of them. 

1. Overview

As the name suggests, the overview tab shows an overview of your integration information;

- How many companies Vainu has matched from your CRM

- If people data has been mapped

- If organizations have been mapped, and

- Whether or not company info syncing is on. 

2. Company Matching

Learn more about Matching here.

3. Data mapping

Learn more about Data mapping here.

4. Updates

Learn more about Updates here.


If your CRM settings look different than mentioned before then you might have an old version of integration settings. Old integration settings look like this:

More about different CRM platforms here: Use integrations to save time

Important to know about integration โ—

With the new integration, exporting from Vainu works according to the following logic:

  • When you click the CRM logo on the company card, Vainu brings an account to the CRM.
  • When you click on the CRM logo next to a person in Vainu it brings a contact to the CRM (Salesforce also creates Account).
  • When you click the CRM logo in the signals view, it brings a lead/opportunity to the CRM. (Salesforce also creates Account)

Activity feed ๐Ÿ“‰

Activity feed shows all the changes on your active lists. It will simply tell you if more prospects have entered your list or if some have left. You can easily keep an eye on what changes without having to manually keep an eye on things ๐Ÿ˜Š

Read more about Activity Feed

API Keys (Extra permission) ๐Ÿ”‘

If you have API included in your contract, you will be able to generate API Keys from this tab.

Give an API key a name and simply generate a new key.