Learn to use buying signals

Track the latest changes and find the right time to contact your prospects and customers by using buying signals.

We all know how important yet time-consuming it is to understand your customer's business and proactively contact them when you hear something that could result in expansion or even you losing the customer. Even with a small number of customers, there are lots of things happening in organizations, that you should be aware of. With the help of Vainu, you can receive all significant changes of your selected company group directly to your email.

You can read more here about Buying Signals and how you can use them for your benefit.

After this article, you will know:

  1. What are buying signals
  2. Where to find them in Vainu
  3. How you can find the most relevant buying signals for your business
  4. How to activate Alerts to your list of companies

1. What are buying signals 💡

Buying signals are any piece of information of a change that can be linked to a certain company. These include events such as mergers, recruitments and internationalization.

Vainu gathers information from several sources, such as company websites, news articles, official announcements etc., links them to all relevant companies involved and categorizes them under a specific signal category. Key benefits of buying signals:

  • Buying signals provide you with a continuous flow of leads, e.g., when a company internationalizes, you can sell them various different services.
  • Good background information of your customers or prospects helps you create trust. If your customer wins an award, congratulating them sure opens the conversation better!

2. How to find buying signals 🔍

When you open the search filters, you find Buying signals category. By selecting Signals, you will see Vainu's signal categories:

  • Significant Enterprise-level Changes E.g. M&A, significant investments, expansions of business.
  • Changes Related to Financial Development E.g. Funding, Cost-cutting, Layoffs, Earnings release, Bankrupcy.
  • Changes Related to Daily OperationsE.g. Large won customers, Project, Product launch.
  • Significant Employee ChangesE.g. Appointments & Personnel Changes.
  • Other eventsE.g. Government & Public contract notices, New address, Adapted new technologies, Granted licences, Stock trade.

3. Focus on the most relevant buying signals 💎

Vainu has continuously evolved to identify more and better resources. Vainu gather’s data from tens of thousands sources and brings the information available for you. You can search with the Signal category, words mentioned in signal, timeframe of the release and page where signal has originally been released. You can also find heavy recruiters with Open positions in x month filter.

Näyttökuva 2019-3-13 kello 14.45.46

By narrowing down your search with keywords in signals, you can easily focus your time on the most relevant buying signals for you. For example, if you are interested in internationalization but only when "China" or "Asia" is mentioned, try out something like this:

Näyttökuva 2019-3-13 kello 14.19.33


If you only need information about newly released events, use Timeframe filter to set starting date so that you won’t receive any older buying signals on your list.

Näyttökuva 2019-3-13 kello 14.46.17

Sometimes it is important to find buying signals from certain webpage. Write the domain name to your search and enjoy the results.

Näyttökuva 2019-3-13 kello 14.46.49


When your ideal customers are heavy recruiters your new favorite tool can find companies that have released x amount of open positions ads in chosen amount of months. Select the amount of open positions you are searching and select amount of months.

Näyttökuva 2019-3-14 kello 11.02.15

4. How to activate Alerts to your prospect lists 📣

You can order alerts based on the buying signals you have selected. This way you will receive everyday information about new companies and new publications matching your signals criteria. Learn how to set up alerts by clicking the link below.

Set-up Alerts


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