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Sort list of companies by revenue, employees & filter signals by timeframe

FAQ : There are a few options for sorting out the search results. Find out how to change between different alternatives.

List of company cards

When you are in the company card view, the results are sorted according to Vainu score by default. This means that companies with the most complete company profile are shown first whereas companies with very little information end up in the last pages of the results.

Even though Vainu score is convenient for spotting companies with the highest amount of useful information, sometimes other sorting methods can be more relevant:

  • Alphabetical (Company name)
  • Number of employees
  • Revenue

You can sort companies by clicking Sort icon on right side of the prospect list.

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Grid View & List View

Next to sort menu, you can change how you view companies. Companies are shown by default in Grid View but you can also view companies in a List View.  You can change how the companies are shown by clicking these icons.

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Companies viewed in List View:

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View Signals

In signals view the results are always in chronological order. If you wish to find signals from certain time period you can select it from the upper right corner. Click to set start date first  and then add end date.

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You will see signals released only within your selected timeframe and this way you will be able to exclude irrelevant signals.

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