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Create and edit target groups

Find the best-fit companies with the help of Vainu's 100+ filters.

After reading this article, you'll know how to

  1. Create a dynamic list by using Vainu's filters

  2. Create a static list by importing a file to Vainu

  3. Manage, e.g., delete, rename, duplicate, or share your lists and import a list of companies to an existing list

1. Creating a dynamic list

We strongly recommend taking a look at the following article that explains the ins and outs of Vainu's lists: >> What is the difference between dynamic and static lists?

  • Click the Target Group icon on the navigation bar on the left. Then click the New List button. 

Dynamic list

  • You will see a default list of companies. Vainu creates a random name for the list. You can edit the list name by clicking on the current name.
  • Access filters by clicking the plus (+) icon under the list name. Select the filter category and the filter you want to use.
Filter categories
  • Select the option/scale inside the filter and Apply Filter. After this, you can close the filter by clicking outside the box or by clicking the filter name.

Näyttökuva 2021-9-16 kello 14.55.15


Please note that some of the filters are available only in certain countries.

  • If you wish to add a new filter, click the plus icon (+) again and select the filter you'd like to use next.
  • After you've added at least one filter, you can save the list and access it any time! 
  • Edit filters by clicking the filter name. This will open up the filter options. Remove filters by clicking the (x) mark next to the filters, and add new filters by clicking the (+) icon.
  • You can also exclude values from your search by selecting exclude from search under search parameter or by clicking on top of the filter value.
💡 Focus on your most potential future customers

A detailed Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) will help you find satisfied customers that have a strong lifetime value (LTV). Think of your ICP when using the search filters!

Find a list of all available Vainu filters >> here.

Learn more about the >> search logic.

2. Creating a static list by uploading a list of companies to Vainu

You can bring companies to Vainu through an Excel or CSV file using the Upload list option. This way you can create a new static list of the companies found in the file you uploaded. The file can contain either official company names, business IDs, or websites. When you click the Upload list button, you'll get more information about the limit of companies you can upload and the format they should be in your file.

Click the Target Group icon on the navigation bar on the left. Then click the Upload list button. Learn more about uploading company lists to Vainu: >> Upload a list of companies to Vainu.

Static list

    3. Managing your lists: Delete, rename, duplicate, share, and import a list of companies to an existing list

    Manage your lists in the list view or list Settings:

    • See how many dynamic, static, and shared lists you have
    • Delete lists
    • Rename lists
    • Duplicate lists
    • Share lists with your colleagues
    • Import a list of companies to an existing list
    • Unsubscribe from a shared list

    A) Click on the 3 dots on the right side of a list name to manage your list.

    Access lists

    B)  Select Settings above the list name you want to manage.

    Manage lists

    See how many dynamic, static & shared lists you have

    You can see the number of lists you have in the number next to the dynamic lists & static lists. If you have over five (5) dynamic or static lists you will be shown a Show more (xx) button. This will show you many lists you have that are not shown in the basic view. Clicking Show More opens a  new view where you can see all your lists. You can also search lists based on the name by using the search bar. 

    Delete a single list

    You can delete a single list by opening the list view by clicking the icon with three dots next to the list name or in your target list Settings. Choose the option Delete Target list. Vainu will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the list. Select OK and the list will be deleted.

    Please note that you can't bring back deleted lists. If you accidentally deleted a list, please contact support who will be able to help you.

    Delete multiple lists

    You can delete multiple lists or all lists at once. Click >> HERE to mass-delete lists or the Show more button under either dynamic or static lists.

    1. Click the Delete lists button on the top left corner.

    Näyttökuva 2019-11-8 kello 14.37.11

    2. You can delete all lists or you can select them by clicking the empty boxes that appeared on the left side of your lists.

    Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 13.02.04

    3. If you want to delete only the selected lists, choose the lists you want to delete, the boxes will turn red after the selection. After selecting all lists you wish to delete click the Delete selected button that has replaced the Delete All option in the top left corner.

    Näyttökuva 2019-11-8 kello 14.37.35

    Rename a list

    You can rename a list by clicking the icon with 3 dots next to the list name or in your target list Settings. In the all lists view the 3-dot icon will appear after you hover your mouse over the list.

    Click Change name and you can give your list a new name in the text box that appears. After you have selected a new name, Save changes.

    Duplicate a list

    You can duplicate any prospect list by clicking the icon with 3 dots next to the list name or in your target list Settings. When you duplicate a list created with search filters the search filters are copied to the new list. After you have duplicated a list, you might want to rename the list.

    Share a list

    You can share any of your target lists between your colleagues who use Vainu in the same organization. Click the icon with 3 dots next to the list name or go to your target list Settings. From the drop-down menu, click Share. Select the permissions you want to give and Save

    • Read-only permission to all users
    • Full permission to all users --> your colleagues can modify your lists as well
    • User-specified settings

    Your list is now visible to your selected colleagues!

    Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 13.13.52

    Import a list of companies to an existing list

    If you wish to import more companies to an already existing static list, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Target Group icon on the navigation bar on the left.

    2. Select a list from the Static lists menu. You can not add companies to dynamic lists.

    3. Open the list you wish to add companies to.

    4. From the search filters, choose the Lists filter category and Upload list filter.

    Upload list

    5. Follow the instructions that open up after clicking the Upload list. Vainu will add the companies in your file to the static list.

    Unsubscribe from a shared list


    Should you have any questions, please contact us through Vainu chat or by sending an email to support@vainu.io