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Vainu Training Webinar (recording) 💻

No upcoming training webinars. Check out the recordings (also in Finnish) of Vainu Training Webinars here.

In this 50-minute training session, you'll learn how Vainu helps you work smarter by bringing efficiency to your everyday sales activities. We'll go through the basic functionalities of Vainu, and we'll show you in practice how you can:

  • find the best-fit prospects with the help of Vainu's filters
  • build your sales pipeline in your CRM through Vainu
  • set up triggers for significant company changes in your target accounts
  • track relevant changes in your existing client base to serve your customers better

Vainu Podcast – Don't Blame the CRM 🎙️

Vainu's Don't Blame the CRM podcast is dedicated to helping B2B sales, marketing, and revenue ops professionals succeed in their jobs by tapping into company data.

During the episodes, we interview B2B professionals covering a range of topics from prospecting to lead management, segmentation, and data enrichment to many more–aiming to give concrete tips, ideas, and food for thought about how to work smarter, not harder.

Watch the previous episodes on YouTube or listen on Spotify.

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