High-velocity sales

Prioritize your sales efforts as an active salesperson on the most relevant prospects.

For well-organized, high-velocity sales teams with large pool of new business opportunities, prioritizing their sales efforts to the most potential prospects is crucial. Most sales reps find prospecting as the most difficult and time-consuming task of the sales process. Luckily, you have the right tool for making prospecting a simple task, and part of your daily work: With the help of built-in integrations, you can direct leads straight to your CRM or other existing systems, and minimize manual work. We want to increase your hit-rate, and save your time for the most important task: closing more deals! 💸

In active sales, prioritizing sales prospects on their potential is essential. Furthermore, as human involvement is often a crucial factor affecting closing rate, you should never underestimate the power of finding the right timing to be in touch with the potential customer.

Here are some examples on how the data-driven sales approach will help you sell more: 

  • Save time! Vainu brings efficiency to your everyday information searching efforts.
  • Less manual work! Avoid going through an endless amount of data to find relevant information. 
  • Know your potential customers! In every initial contact with a potential customer, you already know where the company is heading and their current status. 
  • More meaningful discussions! You will definitely give a positive first impression when congratulating your potential customer of a successful product launch or a reward they just have received.


Vainu as part of your sales process

Make your sales process data-driven, and make sure you are aware of the latest changes in your prospects with these three simple tasks: 

  1. ️ Find the most optimal prospects
  2. Create your own prospect lists – call lists, most wanted prospects or contacted companies, for example.
  3. Keep track of the latest signals in interesting companies.

Find optimal prospects: Ideal Customer Profile 💡

Try to make your prospect lists as specific as possible by making full use of Vainu's search logic. Take a few minutes to make it clear for yourself what the concrete characteristics of an optimal customer would be. In Vainu, we talk about ICP, i.e. Ideal Customer Profile

A good starting point is to think of the basic information such as location, industry and size of the company. For reaching the best possible results, try to think of each aspect that makes the prospect a good one; should they be international companies, growth companies, or maybe digitally advanced companies?

Next thing to do, is to create a prospect list based on these characteristics. No matter how specific search you make, there will always be irrelevant companies as well. Therefore, we recommend creating for instance "irrelevant companies" company list and adding companies to these lists as you come across a certain type of company. 

Create calling lists 📞

Once you have set up your prospect list and created a list of companies, a good workflow when sales prospecting with Vainu is to:  

  1. Validate each company in the prospect list by clicking on the company card.
  2. After checking the company information, add the companies of your interest to a company list, e.g. you may name it as a ”My Prospect list”.
  3. Before every initial contact, remember to check the company profile information in Vainu. 
  4. Exclude the company list from other prospect lists to avoid double work. If you've integrated Vainu with your CRM, excluding lost, open and won deals is super simple.

Find optimal timing: Alerts 📣

Active sales prospecting with Vainu, of course, is a big part of finding potential customers, but if you want to be sure to contact the companies right at the edge of a certain change (e.g. merger, product launch), you should subscribe to Alerts. By following signals like mergers and acquisitions, you can react directly, and contact the company in order to check if they need help with brand reforming, combining IT solutions, or anything else. It is even possible to receive the latest signals straight to a specific Slack channel!

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