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Vainu API - Combine Vainu data with any system through our REST API πŸ”„

Vainu Prospector provides you great ways to analyze companies and find new prospects, but taking the data to other system can be quite tricky and not all CRMs are covered by our native integrations. This is where API comes in handy!

NOTE! Access to Vainu API is an additional feature and is not automatically included in Vainu licenses. Contact our support team or your Vainu contact person for additional information.

If you want to export Vainu's data to some other platforms Vainu's API is the solution.

We provide the API and you can develop a solution or feature that utilizes it to your needs. Setting up the information flow will require a certain amount of development work from your side, but the benefits of investing in it are tremendous when it comes to making full use of company data to guide your business.

Check out our documentation for more information:

Vainu API & Documentation


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Vainu API key πŸ—

When Vainu API is included in your license you are able to see β€œActive” under VainuAPI in Vainu Subscription & Integrations -settings page.

To generate an API key follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings icon on left panel
  2. Open API Keys tab. (If it is not visible, the feature might not be included in your contract or your permissions need editing. Contact Vainu support for more information.)

API keys are generated in the API Keys tab. Here you can see all your current API keys listed. You can also edit and remove API keys in the same view.

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If you have any questions, please contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner or by sending an email to support@vainu.io πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™€οΈ