Vainu Company Card view

See what information is visible on Vainu Company Card and use it to understand your customers and prospects better.

Top panel

On the Top panel you will see full company name, the country of the company with , official industry, Group/Company financial figures and Employee count.

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Basic information

The most general information of the company can be found on the basic information view. Create searches based on basic information

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Click "Show additional information" to see domains tagged to the company, financial qucklists, registers and memberships connected to the selected company. You will be able to see if company has mobile applications released and what is company's e-invoicing address.

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CRM Data

If you have integrated your Vainu system with CRM, you will see a CRM icons on top right corner of Vainu. When there's green checkmark on top of CRM icon the company is already in your CRM. On CRM Data box you should see Account owner, Amount of Lost, Won and Open deals, and events. Search companies based on data found on your CRM


This view shows all the latest signals tagged to this individual company. Use signals to search interesting companies

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In target groups (on right side)

Let's you add and remove the company to/from different Static lists.

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Shows you the locations of the selected company on a world map.

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Shows financial figures as diagrams and as text. Find companies with financial information

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Similar companies

Similar companies are generated based on similar industry category, employee count and revenue.

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See who are the decision makers in the company. You have the possibility to export the contacts to your CRM and see contact information and other associated companies. At the moment it is not possible to search companies with individual employee information.

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Web Profile

Check what are company's social media figures and which technologies are used on their company website. Read about Digital readiness indices.

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Social network

Box displays latest posts by company on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube)

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Group structure

Group structure is beta feature. The results are generated using state of art AI-technology. The accuracy of results os high and will improve with time.

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Shows all of the identified locations of the company. Locations have been gathered from official sources and from company websites.

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In Registers sections you can view valid registrations, licences and trademarks of company.

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Vehicles (available as an extra feature)

Read more about vehicle data

Real Estate Data (available only in Finland as an extra feature)

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