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Vainu Custom Industry

Create targeted segments to focus your sales and marketing efforts on the right companies.

NOTE! Vainu Custom Industry is an additional feature that is not included in all Vainu licenses. If you wish to purchase Vainu Custom Industry data as an additional feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email customersuccess@vainu.io. 


1. What is Vainu Custom Industry

2. How do you benefit from using Custom Industries

3. How can you use Vainu Custom Industries

4. More information about the Custom Industries

1. Vainu Custom Industry

Vainu Custom Industries contain 800+ industries, which you can combine to create accurate target segments. For example, the software category is broken down into 60+ sub-categories. Because traditional industry classifications for B2B segmentation are often too generic, broad, or even incorrect, we have built our own AI model that uses website content and extensive training data sets to determine unique industries for each company.

The picture below shows the difference between Official Industry and Vainu Custom Industry:

Näyttökuva 2021-5-17 kello 12.40.02

👉 To see the complete list of the Custom Industry categories we have today >> click here.

2. Benefit from using Vainu Custom Industries

There are many use cases for Vainu Custom Industries:

  • Simplify lead and prospect qualification: Tag the companies in your CRM or marketing automation platform that works with sustainability, cloud data services, or film production, for example — the possibilities are endless.
  • Personalize at scale: Combine multiple custom industries to personalize and target your campaigns to companies within the same micro-segment.
  • Focus your sales and marketing efforts on the right companies: Create targeted micro-segments.
  • Find the next-best candidates for your ABM campaigns: Sell effectively to particular verticals, and apply a one-to-few approach.

3. How to use Vainu Custom Industries

    Vainu Custom Industry is an add-on feature that requires extra permission. Vainu Custom Industry data is available:

      1. as a filter in the Vainu platform
      2. as a field in your CRM through Vainu's Connector
      3. through a CSV export
      4. by using Vainu's API

    Once activated, Vainu Custom Industry is available in the platform as a search filter and visible in the company profiles. The data can also be exported in the CSV files and is accessible through our API. This way you can bring the information to the Marketing Automation tool or CRM. Please contact your account manager or Vainu support for more information.

    In the Vainu platform they can be found under the Company profile filter category:Näyttökuva 2021-5-12 kello 13.05.04

     When selected, you have the option to search for the wanted industry or select from a list. 

    4. More information about the Custom Industries

    • At the moment we have 800+ custom industries in our taxonomy. In the near future, we will introduce approximately 300 new ones which bring the total number of industries to 1,000.
    • The model is based on companies' real website content and trained and validated by our in-house data research team every day, most of the companies get 1-7 custom industries depending on how rich their website is.
    • The data is available in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

    Should you have any questions or concerns related to Vainu Custom Industries, please chat with us or email us at support@vainu.io.