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Vainu website does not function as expected❗️

Is your Vainu missing some buttons or is the text overlapping? Something just doesn't seem quite right?

The problem might be in the browser you are using. Please use Vainu one of the following browsers:




Internet Explorer and Edge are not fully supported and usually don’t work quite as well with cloud-services like Vainu and therefore some functions don't work in these browsers as they should. Best use one of the 3 browsers mentioned above for a better experience 😊

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 13.25.30

Is Vainu being unusually slow and acting funny? Try clearing your browser cache! 👍

Browsers save information from the pages you visit. Removing this information from your browser will make it download the information again, this usually solves smaller issues immediately.

  •  To clear the cache CTRL + F5 / CTRL+ shift + F5 (windows) OR command + shift + R (Mac).
  • Log out from this link https://app.vainu.io/logout and log in again https://app.vainu.io/login/

Excel import is slow? 

➡️Please check our article about importing companies to Excel.

➡️Check that the file you are uploading follows the guidelines shown in Vainu or check the more detailed guide from the article above 

➡️Please also try converting your Excel file to an .CSV file and try uploading again.


❗️If your file contains more than 10 000 rows, the import may take up to a couple of hours.


excel example

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If you have any questions, please contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner or send us an email to support@vainu.io 😊