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Vainu Global

In this article, we cover the main functionalities of our global data platform consisting of 63+ million companies globally.

What's Vainu Global all about?

Vainu Global is a database of more than 63 million companies worldwide that uses the company website URL (DOMAIN) as a unique identifier for organizational entities instead of company IDs or names. Vainu Global is a separate product and will require a separate account. Vainu Global consists of:

  1. Search platform: A powerful company search platform that gives you access to 63M+ companies globally through https://vainu.app/. Create and export lists of ICP companies based on specific industry verticals, website content, and website popularity.
  2. Vainu CRM Connector: The Connector for Vainu Global uses the company domain name as the unique key to match companies between Vainu, Dynamics, Salesforce and HubSpot CRM. The Connector provides the highest match rate for enriching and updating firmographic and technographic data in the CRM and removes the number of duplicates because it updates domains redirecting permanently to other domains.
  3. API: Available for all global data points. The most advanced company data API based on website domain.

Vainu Global

What kind of data do I have access through Vainu Global?

In this document, you can find a complete list of all available data points and their availability through the search platform, CSV, Excel, CRM Connector, and API: Global Data Catalog

Please note that Vainu Global doesn't include company business ID profiles, official data from data providers/registries, news articles, or other Vainu triggers, revenue figures, or contact details.

How does Vainu Global work?

1. Search platform

The search in Vainu Global allows you to create target groups based on filters that have been categorized under five key groups: location, web profile, Vainu Custom Industry, company size and CRM Data. You can currently use 17 search filters to build your company lists.

Use filters like country of operation, website traffic rank, Vainu Custom Industry
and company size to find just the prospects you are interested in.

Notice that you can use filters to create both AND and OR searches thus further focusing on the aspects that matter the most. Each new row is an AND operator meaning criteria from each row have to apply for the results to appear in the search. Each new item within a row is an OR operator meaning any (at least one) of the set criteria from that row needs to apply.

This example search looks for domains that are in the top 5M in terms of website
traffic rank, use Hotjar, and either Google Analytics or Hubspot Analytics.

You may export your target groups as CSV or JSON files using the Download button in the upper right-hand corner of the list view. Aside from the file format, you may also choose which attributes you want on your exports and in which order you want them to be.

Tailor your export according to your needs, right down to column order.

Vainu Global allows you to dig deep by looking at Company profiles. This is a view that allows you to look at all the collected data points of a given domain. Here you can see all the basic information, company descriptions collected from various sources, office locations, technologies, and more.

All the information can be found through Company profiles.

2. Vainu CRM Connector

You can connect Vainu's global database seamlessly with your CRM to access relevant and actionable information on millions of companies. You can:

  1. Mass export companies to your CRM without creating duplicates
    The companies you export from Vainu to the CRM system are automatically enriched with the company data you want. The setup is easy: Map the data fields in Vainu to the appropriate data fields in your CRM.

  2. Create Tasks, Notes, or Deals when exporting companies

    Export a list of companies from Vainu to the CRM with a single click. Your export will be based on the Company object, but you’ll have the option to create Tasks, Notes, or Deals simultaneously. You can assign the companies to yourself, one of your CRM users, or distribute them evenly to several CRM users.

  3. Create Vainu Segments for smarter targeting

    You can tag companies with descriptive segment labels when exporting them to the CRM for easier segmentation and campaigns. Both the newly created and the already existing Accounts/Companies will receive the new segment label in your CRM.

  4. Activate one-time updates and automatic data updates
    Select which Company data fields you want Vainu to update automatically with the latest company information. Data updates are highly customisable: You can choose if you want to overwrite existing CRM records with Vainu’s data always or only if the data field in your CRM is empty or previously updated by Vainu or use a one-time data update.

The Vainu CRM Connector for Vainu's Global database consists of three key modules–just like Vainu's other CRM Connectors–but it has certain exceptions and limitations. Please see the table below. Setting up the connection is straightforward and starts from Company matching. Find the details of each module below:

Company matching
Data mapping
Data updates

How can you get started?

Are you an admin user for your organization's Vainu account and your CRM? In that case, you can start by >> setting up the connection between Vainu and your CRM

Not an admin user, but the initial setup is done? Scroll down to the part >> Connect your CRM account in this article.

The limitations and exceptions of the CRM Connector for Vainu Global:

  • The Connector for Vainu Global can't be used at the same time as the Business ID-based Connector because it matches companies based on domains instead of business IDs or names.
  • Mass export only: Single company export to CRM is not currently supported.

3. API

Vainu Global data is available through the API. Vainu Developer Hub is designed for anyone looking to access company data to discover and sort the best-fit companies, build integrations, applications, or even more complex solutions. Check out the latest resources, samples, use cases, and ready-made solutions to apply to a variety of use cases: >> Vainu Developer Hub


    Should you have any questions or concerns, please chat with us or email support@vainu.io.