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Target your ABM campaigns properly using Vainu's data

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is a marketing method which concentrates on acquiring specific high-value customers with highly targeted, personalized campaigns, basing the targeting and marketing message on particular attributes of an account. Unlike the traditional inbound marketing funnel, with account-based marketing, your first step is to identify target companies (accounts) and then engage them with incredibly relevant content. You can think of ABM as a one-to-one approach rather than one-to-many.

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Why Account-Based Marketing?

Specificity is what makes ABM ideal for B2B companies. In enterprise deals, there are multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. ABM acknowledges the different people within one particular account and enables marketers and sellers to customize their messaging to take into account all the different perspectives.

Create messaging that speaks

5 Reasons to Develop an ABM Strategy

1. Efficiency — Better leads, less waste

ABM strives for efficiency and aims at finding quality leads, rather than a large number of leads. Thus marketers and salespeople can make better use of their time and resources to the best-fit accounts. 

2. Knowledge — Quality leads, better conversions

Since ABM professionals focus on a smaller number of leads, they can dig deep on the prospects’ characteristics and motivations, allowing the use of extreme personalization.

3. Sales marketing alignment — More collaboration, fewer silos

ABM helps to build a bridge and organically leads to an incredible alignment between sales and marketing. Both teams must work closely together to identify target accounts, develop messaging and outreach tactics, and monitor the campaign’s progress.

4. Better results — Higher return on investment

Because ABM concentrates most resources on the highest-value prospective customers possible, the return is likely to be higher compared to other more traditional tactics.

5. Clients like it — Yes, really

ABM is highly personalized, and buyers like personalized experiences. Thanks to personalized messages, you can create a direct connection and conversation with your prospects, addressing their needs without being intrusive.

How Vainu will help you in practice?

We collect an enormous amount of information from millions of open data sources, and our machine learning algorithms analyze it so you can implement it into your sales and marketing process. Vainu helps you in identifying and segmenting your best-fit accounts for each ABM campaign based on hundreds of company filters. You can target your ABM efforts on those with relevant buying signals, such as expansions or a change in leadership. Furthermore, you can use your target account lists in any ABM campaign; online advertising, email marketing, or personalizing your website. Narrow down your audience in advertising, create smart rules for your email campaigns and show different content based on what company the visitor is from.

You can also create messaging that speaks to your audience by using the company information when tailoring your messaging: whether it’s the type of company, the technologies they use, the changes they’re going through or the challenges they’re facing.

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Do you speak Finnish? Watch this webinar, we we show how you can get started with ABM:

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