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Vainu in Lead Scoring

Use Vainu data in ranking contacts in order based on their likelihood to become a customer

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a methodology used to grade prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents for your organization, i.e., prioritizing your saleson the leads most likely to convert. With lead scoring, you can attach values to each of your leads based on their professional information and the behavior they’ve exhibited on your website. The more likely a lead is to progress further down the sales funnel end up a paying customer, the better the lead - and the higher the score.

Enrich incoming inbound leads

What is the difference between lead scoring and account scoring?

Simply put, whereas lead scoring ranks contacts in order based on their likelihood to become a customer, account scoring focuses on the organizations' likelihood to become a customer. In both, you must decide which factors will increase the likelihood of a prospect to turn into your customer, and then these attributes should be weighted more heavily. Vainu is a powerful tool for creating this kind of a value system. Variables used in account scoring can affect lead scoring and, concurrently, variables used in lead scoring can affect account scoring.

Why use lead scoring?

The work of setting up a lead scoring framework should be a collaboration between marketers and salespeople. There is much to gain from both departments agreeing to a common way of discussing and defining a quality lead (Marketing Qualified Lead or MQL) and a sales-ready lead (also called Sales Qualified Lead or SQL).

Here are five common scenarios that lead scoring is useful for:

1. Prioritize from a long list of leads

If you and/or your team is working with outbound calling, lead scoring helps you prioritize the leads and call the ones with the highest score first. This will increase your hit rate compared to just calling through your list alphabetically.

2. Identify and target leads that need tailored nurturing

Leads come in through marketing efforts every day, and it’s the marketer's job to nurture them until they’re sales-ready leads. If you have an action you want to take only if someone is already at a certain stage, lead scoring will help you drop each lead into the right nurturing campaign. 

3. Refine your marketing messages

By segmenting leads and treating leads at each stage of the buying process with different messages, your marketing team can test out different approaches for each stage. This will help the marketing team discover what approach leads with a specific lead score tend to resonate best with.

4. Standardize how leads are evaluated and discussed

As your lead flow increases, make sure sales’ closing rate doesn’t go down by making sure marketing only hand over leads that are ready to have a conversation with a rep to sales. With proper lead scoring, and by giving marketing and sales a common language for discussing the quality and quantity of leads, they’ll naturally align themselves.

5. Don’t stress leads into making a decision

Lead scoring helps you understand what leads to focus on now and how to treat these leads. The less obvious benefit is that the model helps sales organizations know what leads NOT to focus on now. This leaves them in an educational sequence that allows them to become warmer leads before they receive a call from a member of your sales team.

Is lead scoring for you?

 There are a few easy questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether lead scoring is beneficial for you or not:

1. Does your marketing team bring in enough leads?

2. Does the sales team process the leads they get from marketing?

3. Do you have enough data?


👉If your answer to either of the questions above is “no”, your company probably isn’t ready for lead scoring just yet. If your answer to all of the questions is “yes”, we strongly suggest you continue reading to learn more how Lead Scoring Helps You Win More Sales

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